Top 5 Latex Surgical Glove Manufacturers In Pakistan

In reality, latex comes from plants in their natural state. Latex is any polymer that has a water basis or is vicious. Natural latex, also known as natural rubber latex, is a complex emulsion of proteins, sugars, oils, starches, tannins, alkaloids, resins, and gums that coagulates when exposed to air and is generated from the rubber plant Hevea brasiliensis. Regardless of whether they are powdered or not, latex surgical gloves have long been a staple of the disposable glove market. 

When healthcare providers require surgical gloves, latex is often their first choice. It is, nevertheless, critical to be careful of latex sensitivities. Whether they work in the healthcare sector or elsewhere, professionals who require regular glove replacements tend to favor latex. In many circumstances, powdered gloves become necessary to provide the same level of comfort as latex powder-free gloves.

Finding the right latex surgical glove manufacturer (See top latex gloves manufacturers in South Africa) is not easy, you need to consider a number of factors. To make it a little easier for you, here are the top 5 latex surgical gloves manufacturers in pakistan (Relate: Top Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers in The USA) , that serve you with the best quality.

MedicalKemei: Chinese Latex Surgical Gloves Manufacturers 

Latex gloves are a popular product provided by many reputable Chinese manufacturers. The china latex exam glove matches the popularity of the product with equally dependable quality and efficiency. Certificates gained by Kemei include but not limited 510(K), CE, ASTM, ISO, FDA, SGS, TUV.

Medicalkeimei Source logo
Source: Kemei

Kemei surgical gloves are made of natural rubber latex and have an ergonomic design that ensures a good fit and comfort while being worn. Ethylene oxide is used to disinfect each glove, making it safe and clean for use. They also create vinyl gloves without rubber, so they contain no allergens, for doctors who have latex allergies in order to make their gloves worry-free.

This china disposable medical gloves factory produces sterile latex that is secure and pleasant for healthcare professionals to wear owing to careful research and product development. To ensure that their gloves prevent contamination and can be used to handle any chemicals properly, experts put them through a number of tests.

Products And Services Offered

Top 5 Latex Surgical Glove Manufacturers In Pakistan

1. Abena

Type of Business: Gloves, paper, disposables manufacturer

Location (Headquarters):Karachi-75400, Pakistan

Year Founded: 1953

Products offered: Gloves, body wash, protective wear.

Abena logo
Source: Abena

Abena provides consumers with a selection of products that are among the best on the market, while also displaying environmental responsibility, catering to requirements for documentation, transparency, and skilled logistics management. This makes it simpler for their clients to concentrate more on what they do best and less on regulations, freight, and environmental impact. When you conduct business with Abena, the surgical gloves manufacturers in karachi (Relate: Top Surgical Glove Manufacturers In South Africa), you are collaborating with a qualified group of individuals that have a great deal of expertise in creating solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements.

Products And Services Offered

  • Nitrile examination gloves 
  • Latex examination gloves
  • Vinyl examination gloves
  • Disposable gloves
  • Working gloves

2. Kohsar Distributors

Type of Business: Medical, industrial instrument manufacturer, and distributor

Location (Headquarters): Islamabad, Pakistan

Year Founded: 1992

Products offered: latex gloves, lamps, diapers, syringes, and other medical and industrial products.

Kohsar Distributors logo
Source: Kohsar Distributors

Kohsar Distributors has developed itself in the areas of surgical, disposables, pharmaceuticals, and consumer items, with extensive expertise in the surgical disposables and pharmaceutical business. They are now focused on the needs of their valued customers and importing their products from China and the UK. These surgical gloves suppliers in Pakistan pour their dedication to satisfying customers’ needs which sets them apart from their rivals. Almost all of Pakistan’s cities are covered by the company’s extensive distribution and promotion network.

Products And Services Offered

  • Surgical needles
  • Latex examination gloves
  • Surgical gloves
  • PE gloves

3. Hospitals Supply Corporation 

Type of Business: Distributor and manufacturer of medical equipment.

Location (Headquarters): Pakistan.

Year Founded: 1973

Products offered: Electro medical, Surgical disposable, and Pharmaceutical products.

Hospital supply corporation logo
Source: Hospital supply 

After operating in Pakistan for more than 40 years, HSC has developed into one of the top businesses engaged in the marketing and distribution of high-tech electro-medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical exam gloves, and surgical disposables while representing the best brands in the world. Their branch offices are now dispersed around the nation and integrated into Pakistan’s healthcare system. 

The company’s operations have expanded to encompass state-of-the-art medical gear in numerous product categories, primarily hematology, surgical gloves in pakistan, urology, nephrology, and critical care. Aside from the technological introduction, they are also heavily involved in implementation and maintenance.

Products And Services Offered

  • Infusion sets
  • Disposable syringes
  • Latex powder-free surgical gloves
  • Nitrile examination gloves

4. SurgicalHUT

Type of Business: Surgical instrument exporter

Location (Headquarters): Lahore, Pakistan.

Year Founded: 2020

Products offered: Medical and veterinary equipment.

Source: SurgicalHUT

SurgicalHut’s remarkable achievement was a result of its unceasingly sincere efforts, commitment to its duties, and upkeep of quality control. This quality management system was set up properly, and it is being successfully used throughout the entire production process. This is a direct outcome of the tireless teamwork, professionalism, and responsibility displayed by the staff members of Surgical Hut. They use banners, catalogs, pamphlets, and advertising to promote their items over the internet.

Products And Services Offered

5. MJS Traders

Type of Business: Safety product trading company

Location (Headquarters): Karachi, Pakistan.

Year Founded: 1989

Products offered: Gloves, masks, and other protective equipment.

MJS Traders logo
Source: MJS Traders

The goal of MJS Traders, which has been in business for 27 years, is to offer its clients products of the highest caliber that help safeguard their hands, faces, eyes, and other body parts. This latex surgical gloves manufacturer provides shipping to all of Asia. Given the high demand for their items, it is its top priority to make ordering the products as quick and convenient as possible for their customers, thus they give them the option of doing so through their website. One has the option of shipping as well as physically visiting the venues in Karachi, Pakistan.

Products And Services Offered

  • Nitrile examination gloves
  • Face mask
  • Solvent resistant gloves
  • Disposable surgical gloves


Many disposable latex glove manufacturers (Latex Gloves Manufacturers In Thailand) provide both powdered and powder-free latex glove variants, and each has its advantages. To make disposable latex gloves easier to put on and take off, the powder is frequently added to the inside coating. Additionally, by reducing and absorbing perspiration, this powder might make wearing gloves more bearable, especially for prolonged periods of time. If you are looking for reliable latex surgical glove manufacturers in Pakistan (Relate:Top Surgical Gloves Manufacturers In Kerala), this blog is suitable for you.

You can also contact MedicalKemei for more information and all your bulk glove requirements. 

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