Best Medical Supply Companies in the World

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When managing a healthcare institution, you want to be sure that you have all the medical supplies you require to safeguard your personal and deliver the best possible patient care.

Knowing the biggest and most reputable medical supplies companies is crucial. When you are aware of the various resources that are open to you and your medical facility, you can use a range of sources to obtain the materials you require to survive challenging pandemics and epidemics.

If you’re looking for ways to assist your workplace, clinic, or healthcare institution, you’ll want to be aware of these 10 of the biggest healthcare supplies companies.

Top 10 Medical Supply Companies

1. Kemei 

Kemei Logo 1
Source: Kemei

Type of Business: a medical supply company

Location: China

Year Founded: 1999

Products Offered: Face mask, latex gloves, surgery gloves, body protection products, etc.

Kemei, a specialized medical gloves manufacturer, is the go-to source for long-lasting and reasonably priced medical protection items thanks to its more than 20 years of experience producing top-notch medical supplies. In addition to other crucial medical supplies, Kemei specializes in plastic gloves, nitrile testing gloves, latex surgical gloves, surgical masks, and disposable medical coveralls.

Since its inception, we have placed a strong emphasis on the quality and sanitation of their medical gloves as well as face masks.

As one of the list of medical supply companies, Kemei medical supplies has grown its selection of foot, head, body and facial protection goods through the years. As we develop a thorough one-stop shop for all your pharmaceutical and medical needs, they continue to come up with solutions that will solve brand-new problems in the future.

Thanks to its cutting-edge facilities, Jiangxi Kemei has a wealth of production experience and great manufacturing performance for medical supplies. They guarantee that each of their gloves, facial masks, and other health devices are contaminant-free, hygienic, and useful via their 100,000-level sterile environment, QC system, and Research and development facilities.

Their output rate has increased as a result of the addition of the new automated demolding manufacturing lines from South Korea and Malaysia.

2. Philips 

Philips Website
Source: Philips

Type of Business: Medical equipment supply company

Location: Amsterdam

Year Founded: 1896

Products Offered: Respiratory and breathing care, Equipment and services for computed tomography, diagnostic ECG, and image-guided therapy

Philips is one of the biggest medical supply companies that produces medical technology. The company’s healthcare is divided primarily into expert healthcare and consumer healthcare.When Philips acquired Optivia Corporation and changed its name to Philips Oral Healthcare, it started a company in the healthcare industry.

Philips has added more healthcare-related businesses to broaden its influence in the sector.The business wants to strengthen its position in minimally invasive surgery and diagnostic imaging.

You are equipped to conduct almost any fluoroscopy examination with Philips Universal Radiography and Fluoroscopy devices. To enable excellent care for even the most difficult operations, Philips’ range of graphics therapy solutions includes world-class imaging equipment, software, and specialist diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

With low-dose molecular and hybrid imaging, Philips’ breakthrough molecular nuclear imaging advances healthcare. It benefits nuclear medicine and improves lesion detection. They assist every customer in locating the ideal service option, from the most straightforward service contract to the most extensive.

They offer useful technology to support teams during pivotal occasions in healthcare. At key junctures in the patient journey, they serve as trusted partners to their clients, assisting them in making adjustments to the rapidly changing healthcare landscape and advancing digital health transformation.

3. Johnson & Johnson 

Johnson Johnson Logo
Source: Johnson & Johnson

Type of Business: Medical Device Supplier

Location: United States 

Year Founded: 1957

Products Offered: Orthopedics, interventional solutions, vision-related support, and surgery

The majority of Johnson & Johnson’s funds go toward enhancing care and giving patients essential medical assistance. This company has made technological innovation a top priority in order to produce new medical devices for patients and thus, stand among major medical supply companies.

As a market leader in joint replacements, they provide a wide range of medical goods for the operating room, bone cement, and accessories, as well as hip, knee, and shoulder replacements.

Additionally, they have medical tools for treating orthopedic trauma. The fixation items made by the firm, which include screws, plates, nails, and other implants, are employed to repair fractures and abnormalities affecting the pelvis and the extremities.

Johnson & Johnson has been around for a while, and during that time, the business has created and helped save many lives. By providing electronic medical equipment and providing medical aid to help individuals lead their best lives, they paved the road for healthier living.

4. Abbott 

Abbott Logo
Source: Abbott

Type of Business: Supplier of diagnostic, nutritional, and medical equipment

Location: Chicago, USA

Year Founded: 1888

Abbott wants to produce and develop medical goods that prolong and improve lives. Assuring that their medical equipments are both safe and efficient and that they provide the desired advantages is a key component of this mission.

The Abbott Plum A+ Infusion System is a static multi-channel pump equipped with display and software capabilities that have been developed to lower medication administration errors and support safe and timely medication delivery. 

The business touts itself as a market leader in point-of-care testing, adult and pediatric nutrition, left ventricular support devices, and remote heart failure monitoring.

5. Siemens 

Siemens Logo
Source: Youtube 

Type of Business: Supplier of diagnostic tools and medical imaging equipment

Location: Munich, Germany

Year Founded: 2015

Products Offered: Imaging for diagnosis and treatment, lab diagnostics, and biomedical research.

These suppliers of medical supplies depend on a competitive and open supply chain with their suppliers. To add value to Siemens Healthineers as well as its clients, they continually strive for development, productivity, safety, and availability.

Their guiding idea is sustainability, which helps them in their daily work and ensures their long-term progress. Sustainability and integrity are directly related to the company’s core principles of excellence, innovation, and responsibility. Through sustainable development, they support a more just global economy and offer their consumers long-lasting, energy-efficient products.

Through molecular solutions for the diagnosis of serious infectious diseases, monitoring the effectiveness of treatment, and choosing from a variety of tailored treatment options, Siemens Healthineers promotes precision medicine.

6. AmerisourceBergen

AmerisourceBergen Logo 1
Source: AmerisourceBergen

Type of Business: Medical Supplier

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Year Founded: 2001

One of the best hospital supplies companies, AmerisourceBergen assists clients in healthcare systems, community clinics, independent pharmacies, and alternative care settings by serving as a particular source for thousands of thousands of items, ensuring that their patients can get the appropriate products at the appropriate time.

To provide the highest level of cleanliness and worker safety, they have installed “Wally,” a UV disinfection robot, at their distribution centers in collaboration with Corvus Robotics. This UV disinfection robot may run automatic routes according to a personalized schedule and offers cleanliness logs and data for accountability. 

AmerisourceBergen is a firm believer in the potential of biosimilars to reduce healthcare costs. They are also aware of the challenges these novel items can encounter. They provide solutions to improve accessibility to and trust in these novel therapies as a result.

They are dedicated to assisting customers in obtaining the supplies they require, on time, every day so that they spend less time concentrating on logistics and also more time providing patient care. Their highly qualified customer service professionals and sales specialists will look after you.

7. Cardinal Health 

Cardinal Health Logo
Source: Cardinal Health 

Type of Business: Supplier of medical devices

Location: Dublin, USA

Year Founded: 1971

The medical goods offered by Cardinal Health fill the void between the ongoing need for competence and the rising need for cost-effectiveness. With a wide range of clinician-preference, cost-effective, and physician-preferred goods with little clinical distinction, the Cardinal Health portfolio of brands enables healthcare providers to increase profitability while maintaining high standards of patient care. 

They are well positioned to stay ahead, identifying product efficiencies that advance care since they operate from the acute channels to the home.

Products for the treatment of patients, including slippers, thermal care, grooming, and surgical garments and vests. Cardinal Health has the ideal combination of medical equipment, including wheelchairs, crutches, exam room tables, and commodes, among other items. When it comes time to place an order, you can rely on their distribution specialists to provide what you need at the right moment. They equip you with the necessary resources to focus more on what matters most: taking care of patients.

8. Baxter International 

Baxter Logo
Source: LinkedIn

Type of Business: Medical equipment supplier

Location: Deerfield, Illinois

Year Founded: 1931

With cutting-edge therapy options, Baxter, who has made its place among some of the large medical supply companies,  has assisted thousands of individuals on their renal care journeys for more than sixty years. They invented hemodialysis, which is typically carried out in a center, peritoneal dialysis (home therapy), and more recently, remote patient monitoring (digital health). 

This medical equipment supply company is dedicated to creating technologies that will encourage increased healthcare coverage that enables you to lead the best possible life.

Many people have trouble breathing. When and wherever it is needed, Baxter is committed to providing you and your team with cutting-edge products that deliver efficient, effective respiratory care. 

The goal of therapy is to help you live your best life with fewer limitations, whether it is for brief, post-operative recovery, or ongoing support of symptoms of cystic fibrosis (CF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other chronic diseases.

9. Fresenius Medical Care 

Fresenius Medical Care Logo
Source: Youtube 

Type of Business: Medical Products 

Location: Bad Homburg, Germany

Year Founded: 1996

Due to its excellent work in treating cases of renal disease, Fresenius Medical Care, one of the companies that sell medical supplies, is an established company. The business provides equipment for life-saving blood purification therapies that take the place of kidney functions.

They have made significant advancements in the treatment of serious heart and lung problems with the Novalung extracorporeal support system. To give patients suffering from acute respiratory and cardiopulmonary insufficiency the time and assistance they need to recover, this portable therapeutic solution is intended for use in a variety of clinical healthcare settings, including the intensive care unit (ICU).

Over 400,000 people in the US get dialysis, and Fresenius Renal Pharmaceuticals is committed to serving them with pharmaceutical services.

10. Medtronic 

Medtronic Logo
Source: Medtronic 

Type of Business: cpmpany of medical supplies

Location: Minnesota, USA

Year Founded: 1949

Products Offered: Cardiovascular, digestive, general surgery and neurological equipment, etc. 

To address the most challenging and complex conditions, Medtronic offers cutting-edge medical technology solutions. Their goal is to encourage people all across the world to have hope and see new possibilities.

India’s response is with care Through the Carelink Network and/or its network of qualified technical consultants, Medtronic offers post-implant patient care services. Patients who’ve already received implantable devices from Medtronic/Vitatron on the recommendation of their doctors are eligible for these services.

To reduce the environmental impact of products and packaging all through the product life cycle, which includes design, production, sale, project management, customer use, and end of product life, their Product Stewardship program focuses on minimizing the use of certain substances of concern when practical.

Tips to Choose the Best Medical Supply Company

Medical Supplies 1
Source: Unsplash 

The right provider can make a significant difference in the quality of the medical supplies you receive from some of the best medical equipment supply companies. To do this, you should think about the advice below.

Analyze your requirements

When it comes to resources, the size of your company is important. You must find a medical supplies company because different ones are good for various enterprises depending on the service. You must take your needs into account and then make a list of names of medical supply companies because doing otherwise could result in increased costs and delays.

Be prepared before deciding so that you can choose the supplier who will best meet your needs by understanding the distinctions between them.


Work with reputable medical supply companys who guarantee to provide top-notch medical equipment backed by a comprehensive guarantee. These are the main factors to take into account while evaluating the equipment’s quality.

The best course of action is to see the factory before making big purchases of equipment. As an alternative, you can purchase one of each item to test the quality before purchasing it in large quantities.


A medical supply company ought to be licensed properly. Every vendor needs to have a license to sell. It follows that a supplier cannot properly offer the products if they lack this authorization.

Therefore, you must purchase your equipment from an authorized vendor. There are fewer chances of being conned or taken advantage of because the prices of licensed products are fixed. 

Take your time

Building on your knowledge should always be motivated by a desire to make an informed view. You’ll be able to judge who would make the best medical suppliers company better by considering different viewpoints. Never forget that choosing the wrong source can happen if you rush everything.

When you’re under a time constraint to choose providers, it can be tempting to forego small talk and make decisions right away. Spend some time carefully weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each source rather than hurrying.

Don’t only consider cheap prices 

Cost reduction is not always the best strategy to increase overall savings. In actuality, the reverse is true. Spending more money on high-quality, pricey medical equipment supplies from best medical equipment companies will ensure that they endure longer than the less expensive options. Additionally, they are more robust and will last for many years.

Keep in mind that inferior quality is typically associated with cheap equipment. Although there are a few exceptions, you should generally be careful of suppliers who offer you inexpensive goods.

Make Comparisons 

It’s a good idea to choose several potential sources before settling on a medical equipment provider. Depending on your particular demands, you may have to select from a few excellent solutions. 

If your requirements are straightforward, you might only need to take into account two suppliers. But it’s wise to consider your options if you have extensive or complex needs. Increasing the scope of your search demonstrates diligence and shows that you are making an effort in the process.

Benefits of Sourcing Medical Supply from China: Medical Kemei

Kemei Website
Source: Kemei

The largest advantage of sourcing medical supplies from China is the huge cost savings that result from the country’s low manufacturing and labor costs. This makes sourcing from China a very alluring alternative because it is far less expensive than other nations. Keep in mind that every supplier has a standard minimum cost to produce the goods while discussing the pricing with your supplier.

China’s export performance has been shaped by factors other than competitive advantage and open markets. Government initiatives have supported the development of indigenous skills in consumer devices and other cutting-edge medical fields that would not have happened otherwise.

Medical Kemei continues to make disposable latex examination gloves that adhere to international standards. The company is known for aiding medical institutions and contributing to the saving of lives.

Their success is largely due to rigorous testing and hygienic working conditions, and they develop innovation in their production methods to provide quick responses to your hospital supply demands.


Medical Supplies
Source: Unsplash

The management of society’s health depends on the availability of medical supplies. Without drugs and medical equipment, maintaining health and treating ailments would be impossible. Medical supplies are needed constantly in the healthcare industry to meet the demands of infectious diseases and pandemics.

Kemei, one of the biggest surgical gloves manufacturer, has a production system that is progressive and has been enhanced for precision and speed. This carefully chosen equipment is entirely automated to reduce mistakes and personnel expenditures. Thanks to their strong manufacturing capabilities, the accredited plant can make 600,000 medical gloves every month (Relate: Best 8 Medical Gloves Manufacturers in India) without sacrificing quality. Contact Kemei today for more information on the topic.

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