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Trusted Disposable Surgical Gowns manufacturer

Kemei is a certified disposable surgical gowns manufacturer thanks to our strict QC system that thoroughly checks all medical products at each stage of production. The Jiangxi Food and Drug Administration certifies the disposable surgical gowns we manufacture to meet the standards of protection and comfort.

Disposable Surgical Gowns

  • Description

    The disposable surgical gowns are made from adhesive non-woven fabric that is cut, sewn, and folded with superior precision. Non-woven fabric makes our gowns breathable, lightweight, and durable. We use a protective and comfortable design onto our disposable surgical gowns that allow for a full range of motion with breathable & flexible fabric while providing full-body coverage.

  • Model and Specification

    Duplicate type, one-piece garment, Comes in S, M, L, XXL, XXL

  • Application

    Used for general isolation in outpatient service, wards, and laboratory of medical institutions.

  • Quality Standard

    Comply with the National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards as well as CE certification.

the medical worker is weating Disposable Surgical Gowns the medical worker is weating Disposable Surgical Gowns

Wholesale China Surgeon Gown from a Reliable Gowns Supplier

Kemei is a reliable China disposable medical gowns manufacturer that specializes in supplying wholesale surgical gowns that gives you peace of mind about your safety as you take care of patients. We are committed to ensuring that you are protected all the way.

Our ultimate goal is to take care of you as you take care of others, which is why we provide you with OEM surgical gowns that shield you from every disease and contaminant. We are a non-woven surgical gown manufacturer that makes use of the best raw materials, which stand as a strong resistance to fluids while giving a cloth-like feel.

Kemei is one of the top PPE manufacturers that set quality standards in supplying surgical gowns wholesale, which are one part of an overall infection-control strategy in healthcare facilities. Whether you want ready-made or customized surgical gowns, we are capable of meeting your needs.

Surgical Use

Features and Benefits of Kemei OEM Surgeon Gowns

Surgeon Gown
We are a disposable surgeon gown manufacturer with integrity and 100% safety woven in every product we craft. As a leading non-woven surgical gown manufacturer, we provide you with OEM surgeon gowns,as well as disposable isolation gowns that have great features and produce outstanding benefits.

Why You Need to Choose China OEM Disposable
Surgical Gowns

Surgical operations most often involve the emission of blood and other body fluid, which could be dangerous especially when dealing with an infected patient. And patients, especially those with weak immune systems, are vulnerable to all sorts of pathogens that could come from health specialists. To prevent cross-contamination of diseases, it’s paramount that protective surgical gowns are worn.

China disposable surgical gowns are used once and discarded, ensuring that the fluid and diseases that have been stopped are not transferred to other people.The prevented fluid include moisture from the skin. Sweat is transferred from the skin to the surface of the fabric, keeping the wearer cool, dry, comfortable, and able to perform the needed operation.

The OEM surgeon gowns are manufactured in compliance with AAMI 3 and AAMI 4 levels, which are specially designed for surgical procedures.

Wide Variety Applications of Kemei China Disposable
Surgical Gowns

The applications of China disposable surgical gowns cut across many industries, asides hospitals. Basically, they are used as protection from contaminants and to ensure sterility.

Surgical Use 1

Surgical Use

China surgeon gowns are compulsory for medical practitioners who carry out operations and treat patients with infections. Also, with the gowns, healthcare staff who work in hazardous environments are protected.

Epidemic Prevention

Epidemic Prevention

For optimal safety during the outbreak of diseases, it is compulsory to wear disposable surgical gowns. They are designed to stand against all forms of contaminants from transferring to the body.

Veterinary Healthcare

Veterinary Healthcare

Animals, including household pets that are taken care of frequently are susceptible to infections. To carry out surgery for animals, it is imperative to wear a protective gown.

Dental surgery

Dental surgery

In dealing with dental surgery, it is important to be fully shielded as spillage of the liquid can occur. While the protective gown will be affected, you’ll be safe.

Why Non-woven Surgeon Gown Factories Choose Kemei

When you choose Kemei as your disposable surgical gowns supplier, you are getting more than physical protection. We are dedicated to making sure everything that’s needed to give you peace of mind as you carry out hazardous medical operations are available. You will have access to a portfolio of OEM surgeon gowns that accommodate all your needs.

How Certified Non-woven Surgical Gown Manufacturers Produce Surgeon Gowns

Manufacturing surgeon gowns is clinical and only surgical gowns manufacturers who have mastered all the processes and technical know-how needed can produce them effectively.


Here is a step-by-step process of how Kemei, a certified non-woven surgical gown manufacturer produces reliable surgeon gowns.

Pick Raw Material

To further improve our bid to maintain environmental sustainability, we make use of natural disposable rubbers. There is a wide range of options that can be selected. Also, we use nitrile and concentrated latex that are selected based on their intrinsic properties, such as their durability, protein content, and overall safety.

OEM/ODM Product Development

As a leading surgeon gown manufacturer, all products produced in our surgeon gown factory are made to be original. Each customers’ needs are unique and are treated with utmost concern. We don’t imitate the designs of other manufacturers.

High-Grade Automatic Production Lines

After the unique product development, our production lines get engaged in actualizing the designs. For high-grade quality disposable surgical gowns that are capable of keeping people safe, we conduct three strict processes – pre-leach, vulcanizing, and post-leach.

Quality Management/Testing

The products are taken for quality management and testing. We have a team filled with experts who carry out stringent quality checks on all the gowns in our well-equipped surgical gowns factory. Afterwards, they are put through several tests in order to confirm their reliability.

E.T.O Sterilization

To further ensure the cleanliness and usability of the gowns, they are sterilized in our 100,000 cleanroom surgeon gown factory, where all the stains and impurities on them are erased.

Custom Packaging

Production is completed by assembling and packaging your order. They are finely customized with your brand name or logo to promote you. After this, delivery is made to you by our trusted courier company.

Things to Consider When Buying Disposable Non-woven Surgical Gown in Bulk

Using an unreliable surgical gown is the same as putting yourself in the open for bacteria to infect. When you want to buy wholesale disposable non-woven surgical gown, you should make sure you scan the available options properly to choose the ones that have the right specifications as you need. Below are some other factors you need to consider.

Consider the type of material used in making surgical gown. Out of all the materials mostly used, latex is considered as one that a few people are allergic to. So, it will be best to make an informed decision. Other options available are nitrile, vinyl, PE, and many more.

The fitness of the surgical gowns. This also boils down to making an informed decision. Consider the medical specialists who will be wearing the gowns and pick a size range that will benefit everyone. All the healthcare practitioners should have their appropriate sizes. They shouldn’t be too tight as it can slow their movement.

Before buying surgical gowns, it’s very important to check their quality, especially when you are buying in bulk. Assess the surgical gowns manufacturer’s production process to see the kind of raw materials and processes used. Also, make inquiry about their quality management procedures and industry-relevant certifications, like FDA, CE, 510(K), and SGS.

Know the turnaround time. Ask the non-woven surgical gown supplier how long it will take for your order to be delivered. Many disposable surgeon gown suppliers use third-party courier services to make deliveries. In this case, evaluate if your time of need is not sooner than the delivery date.

How to Make Wholesale China Surgeon Orders on Kemei

At Kemei, we aim to give you the best buying experience as all the processes are made simple. Our one-window approach to disposable surgical gowns provides you with all the options you need under one roof.


Below are the seamless steps on how to make wholesale China surgeon orders on Kemei. They are very straight-forward.

Step 1: Make a Query

All our surgical gowns come with detailed specifications of their properties and other information that will help you make an informed decision. Some of the information you’ll find are the type of material, level (either 3 or 4), color, size, resistance capacities, and so many more.


Once you like the product, all you have to do is make a query. We have query forms on every product page. You can make a query by simply filling them. With this you’ll be able to reach us directly. Feel free to make as many queries for as many disposable surgical gowns as you like. We will respond to all of them.


In case you are not sure of what you need and would like to seek professional advice or if the information provided on each product does not cover all what you are looking for, simply go to our Contact page. Fill out the query form there and one of our experts will reach out to you concerning your concerns.

Step 2: Talk to Us

Within 24 hours after you’ve submitted a query, one of our team experts will contact you to discuss your surgical gowns needs. This is to confirm your order and to make sure that your specifications are exactly as you intended.


Afterwards, you will be given a price quote based on your order.

Step 3: Confirm Your Order

You will receive a confirmation email containing all your order details, including the products you ordered and other specifications. Also, the email will include the price, order turnaround time, and payment information.

Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Wait for Your Order to be Delivered

Once you confirm your order, we will take care of the remaining processes. Our professional manufacturing team will begin to produce, assemble, and package your products. After this is completed, your order will be delivered to you in no time by our trusted couriers.

Innovative Disposable Surgical Gowns Development

Kemei disposable surgical gowns come from years of product development and research, resulting in functional protective clothing.

The research resulted in protective clothing that is lightweight and comfortable to wear but has superior tensile strength and a protective layer that prevents liquid from pass through.

Disposable Surgical Gowns


  • 1.Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are a large-scale factory integrating R&D, production and sales.

  • 2.How can we guarantee quality?

    Our production is in full accordance with the international medical IS013485 standard, All all of products produce Always apre-production sample before mass production.Always final Inspection before shipment.

  • 3.How does your factory do regarding quallty control?

    Quality is our hightest priority. We always attach great importance to quality control, from raw materials to shipping.

  • 4.How about the price? Can you make It cheaper?

    We always take the customer’s benefit as the top priority. Price is negotiable under different conditions, we are assuring you to get the most competitive price.

  • 5.Why we choose you? What Is your strength?

    We are a professional manufacturer of ISO 13485 certified medical consumables and medical electronic products.we offer high quality products, perfect services and competitive price.

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Whether you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective medical protection equipment for the hands, body, head, or feet, Kemei has them all in stock.

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