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Stable Manufacturer of Disposable Medical Gauze Dressings

Kemei is your premiere disposable medical gauze dressings supplier in China, offering world-class products at affordable prices. We take pride in providing products that not only match global market standards, getting approvals from reputable testing institutions like SGS, TUV, ITS, and others.

Disposable Medical Gauze Dressings

  • Description

    Our disposable medical gauze dressings are made from premium absorbent cotton yarn cut and folded into easy-to-use sizes. These dressings are best suited for cleaning skin, wounds, or mucus membranes and absorb exudates from the body during surgery. Usable as well with most wound care medications for treating injuries.

  • Model and Specification

    • Type A (sterilized): 70cm×50cm, 80cm×60cm,80cm×70cm,100cm×80cm,etc.
    • Type B Gauze roll(non-sterilized): 1000cm×800cm, 2000cm×800cm, 3000cm×800cm, 4000cm×800cm, 5000cm×800cm, 10000cm×840cm,etc.

  • Application

    • Mainly used to clean the skin, mucous membranes or wounds. It can be used with common wound care drugs to protect the wounds.
    • It can also be used to absorb exudates from the body during surgery.
    • Cover exposed wounds

  • Quality Standard

    Complies with National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.

Disposable Medical Gauze Dressings

Professional Gauze Pad Manufacturer in China

Kemei is a leading gauze pad manufacturer committed to creating reliable disposable medical gauze dressings. 


Our medical gauze dressings include gauze pads, rolls, sponges, and swabs, among others. 


We manufacture wholesale gauze pads used in a variety of wound care applications, including securing wound dressings, providing light compression, and wound exudate absorption.

Medical Gauze Pads

Wholesale Gauze Pads in Kemei - Manufacturer, Supplier, and Factory from China

As one of the leading medical gauze manufacturers, Kemei manufactures and supplies a wide range of gauze pads, such as surgical gauze pads, non-sterile gauze swabs, sterile cotton gauze pads, woven gauze pads, e.t.c 


We operate a high-standard and well-equipped factory where our experts efficiently produce and cater to bulk gauze pad orders.


Our facilities and products conform to National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.

Kemei is a medical disposable manufacturer dedicated to creating high-quality, durable, and effective cotton gauze pads, latex sterile powder-free gloves, and other medical supplies.

Benefits and Features of Cotton Gauze Pads

Benefits and Features of Cotton Gauze Pads

Kemei’s cotton gauze pads are produced with specific features that enable them to function effectively, giving maximum benefits to the user. Some of them are:

Wide Variety Application of Kemei Surgical Gauze Pads

Kemei is a versatile gauze pad manufacturer that produces different gauze pads with a wide range of applications.  


We produce surgical gauze pads used to wipe wounds clean to avoid infections. They also apply creams to a burn or wound without contaminating it.


Absorbent cotton gauze pads manufactured in Kemei absorb exudates from the body during surgery and, when held down with a tape or bandage, can be used to cover exposed wounds.

Also, our sterile cotton gauze pads are treated with antiseptics to dress wounds effectively.

Medical and Dental

Medical and Dental

Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry

Child Care and Senior Care

Child Care and Senior Care

Veterinary Healthcare 1

Veterinary Healthcare

Why Gauze Pad Suppliers Choose Kemei

At Kemei, we deliver at maximum output level and almost zero downtime. Having over 400 staff working in various departments, we create effective and high-quality products.


Recognitions and Certifications

Our products and facilities are CE-certified and conform to National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards. Kemei’s Gauze pads undergo strict quality tests to ensure conformance to these standards.


Clean Room Production

Our conducive space for production enables our experts to function optimally. Kemei’s factory area consists of a QC unit, laboratory, 100,000-level cleanroom, and packaging plant.


High Productivity

Kemei manufactures and supplies bulk orders of gauze pads wholesale to the global market. Using our imported automatic demoulding production lines, we deliver an outstanding annual production output of 3.96 billion.

cost efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Our production process ensures the proper use of materials to minimize waste and conserve energy. From the sourcing of raw cotton to spinning, weaving, bleaching, and dyeing, we ensure decreased production costs to manufacture cost-effective products.


Quick Response and Delivery

For our delivery, we ship neutrally packaged wholesale gauze pads the next day after production, while customized packages are shipped within 7-20 days because of the extra demands.

great customer services

Great Customer Service

Our customers come first. With our free pre-sale and after-sale consultation services, our experts help with your gauze pads bulk order. Also, we reply to your inquiries and questions within 12 hours.

How Disposable Surgical Cap Factory Produces
Surgical Hats

At Kemei, we operate a factory that produces disposable surgical hats using the latest technology, high-quality processes, and eco-friendly procedures.


We realize that protective head covers are a must-have for medical professionals. As a disposable bouffant cap manufacturer, Kemei employs a team of experts and a globally approved system to produce protective head covers.

Pick Raw Material

Our experts select raw materials based on the standard requirements of YY0331 and EN14079. We use 100% pure cotton yarn with no impurities for production.

OEM/ODM Product Development

As one of the top OEM/ODM surgical gauze manufacturers, Kemei is involved in all the production processes, including research and development, product design, product testing, and manufacturing using automatic production lines.

High-Grade Automatic Production Lines

Our high-grade automatic production lines help us function as an efficient surgical gauze supplier. With our advanced machines, we comfortably manufacture and supply bulk orders of PPE, including wholesale medical gloves and disposable medical gowns.

Quality Management/Testing

At Kemei, our products undergo strict quality control processes after manufacture to ensure conformance to national and global standards. Quality tests and inspections are done in our 100,000 medical-grade cleanroom.

E.T.O Sterilization

Kemei’s woven gauze pads are sterilized using ethylene oxide (EtO) in our high-end sterilization plants. This process removes any remaining contaminants and increases the lifespan of the products.

Custom Packaging

As a customutral and custom packaging solutions to meet buyers’ requirements.

Considerations When Buying Wholesale Gauze Pads

Different factors must be considered when purchasing products from gauze pad manufacturers.

These factors include the type of material used in the manufacture of the product, the quality standard and certifications of the manufacturer, the delivery timeframe, and buying supplementary products from the gauze pad manufacturer.

How to Make Cotton Gauze Pads Bulk Order on Kemei

At Kemei, we make your bulk order quick and smooth. Our easy four-step buying process makes your wholesale gauze pads order hassle-free.

Step 1: Make a Query

The Kemei disposable medical dressings page contains the necessary information you need to make a purchase. This information include the material used, quality standard, size, color, application, and more.

After selecting a medical gauze pad, the next step is to fill out a query form. Our query forms are straightforward and enable us to reply quickly to any number of forms you fill. Query forms are available on each product page, so you can easily place your order.

If you have any further questions or you need more information on a product, you can head to our contact page and fill out the query form. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to provide more solutions.

Step 2: Talk to Us

After you submit a query, a Kemei representative will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your bulk medical gauze pad request. 


If you still have reservations about your order, you can explain to our representative the different specifications and special considerations you need. Our experts can guide and assist you in making any decisions.


However, if you are sure about your order, you only have to confirm the specifications and other details. Our representative will then give you a price quote based on your choice.

Step 3: Confirm Your Order

After deciding on the specifications, confirm your order at Kemei. You will receive a confirmation email with the specifics of your purchase order, including quantity, price, purchase processing time, and payment information.

Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Wait for Your Order to be Delivered

After confirming your order, your job is done, and our team will handle the rest. The production team will begin work on your medical gauze pad bulk order. 


After we process and package your order, we will ship it through our trusted couriers, and you will get them within the specified time.

Careful Research for Versatile Functionality

Kemei has devoted countless hours to research and development to produce exceptional disposable medical gauze dressings for the global market for more than 20 years.

From selecting the right material combination to rigorous quality testing, our team of competent experts monitors each step for quality and safety assurance. Their experience, combined with our modern 100,000-level purification workshop, guarantees top-grade disposable medical gauze dressings.

using the Disposable Medical Gauze Dressings


  • 1.Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are a large-scale factory integrating R&D, production and sales.

  • 2.How can we guarantee quality?

    Our production is in full accordance with the international medical IS013485 standard, All all of products produce Always apre-production sample before mass production.Always final Inspection before shipment.

  • 3.How does your factory do regarding quallty control?

    Quality is our hightest priority. We always attach great importance to quality control, from raw materials to shipping.

  • 4.How about the price? Can you make It cheaper?

    We always take the customer’s benefit as the top priority. Price is negotiable under different conditions, we are assuring you to get the most competitive price.

  • 5.Why we choose you? What Is your strength?

    We are a professional manufacturer of ISO 13485 certified medical consumables and medical electronic products.we offer high quality products, perfect services and competitive price.

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Whether you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective medical protection equipment for the hands, body, head, or feet, Kemei has them all in stock.

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