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Reliable Medical Gloves Manufacturer in China

 Kemei, as a medical glove manufacturer supplies wholesale disposable medical gloves to protect against bacteria and impurities during sensitive activities. 


We are one of the reliable disposable latex gloves manufacturers on the market that caters to the healthcare and medical market, where hygiene standards are on top of the product requirements. 


Our line of high-quality gloves is manufactured with natural latex and nitrile, with both powdered and powder-free varieties. 

Our ultimate goal as a surgical gloves manufacturer is to ensure the safety of individuals as they take on sensitive and irritative operations. 

At Kemei medical glove company, we set the standard on quality assurance as our wholesale latex exam gloves are manufactured with medical-grade properties. 


Our medical gloves are certified by several reputable third-party quality management institutions like the EU, CE, FDA, 510(K), SGS, and TUV, which has made us a reliable medical gloves supplier on the international market.








wearing the Surgical Gloves

Surgical Gloves

Made with natural rubber, our surgical gloves adopt an ergonomic design that guarantees the right fit and comfort while wearing. Each glove is sterilized by ethylene oxide, keeping it safe and purified before use.

  • Pitted surface provides a greater grip
  • Available in powder and powder-free varieties
  • Used for preventing cross-contamination during surgical operations
Examination Gloves

Examination Gloves

Convenient and comfortable on the hand, our examination gloves are perfect for protecting the hands while performing medical duties. Made with premium rubber material and sterilized for the user’s safety.

  • Straight form allows for use on both left and right hands
  • Specialized production ensures tight and tolerant texture
  • Ideal for examination and medical protection in medical institutions

What Our Medical Gloves Offer Your Market

High Flexibility

Premium rubber material allows for complete use of hands during operations.

Superior Comfort

Precision demolding process guarantees tight fit without irritating the hands.

Excellent Barrier Protection

Durable material keeps hands protected from unwanted and hazardous elements.

High Tensile Strength

Capable of stretching without snapping or breaking.

OEM in Kemei – Medical Gloves Manufacturer in China

Kemei is a medical glove manufacturer, supplier, and factory that provides OEM medical gloves products and services. We are a one-stop medical glove company that’s capable of tailor-fitting gloves to your exact specifications and packaging them to have your brand information. Below are a few of the numerous custom medical gloves services we can provide you.

medical glove

Custom Medical Glove Material

Kemei provides medical that are made of different materials. Some materials are latex, nitrile, and vinyl. They are easy to wear and provide optimal comfort.

Medical Glove Packaging1

Custom Medical Glove Packaging

Specializing in OEM and private labels of medical gloves, we package our customers’ medical gloves under their brand’s name and logo.

Medical Glove Length

Custom Medical Glove Length

As a sterile medical glove manufacturer, we supply enough long and strong gloves to prevent the spread of impurities. Your medical gloves can be customized to take any dimension.

Sterile or Non sterile

Sterile or Non-sterile; Powder-free or Powder

With the accurate combination of thickness and flexibility, we manufacture medical gloves that are available in sterile or non-sterile; powder-free or powder.

Applications of Kemei Medical Gloves

As one of the best disposable medical gloves manufacturers, Kemei provides different types of medical gloves, including PE examination gloves, which have a wide range of applications. Below are some of them.

surgical gloves

Surgical Use

As a dental gloves & medical nitrile examination gloves manufacturer, we provide professional medical gloves for surgeons that are comfortable, safe, and resistant to chemicals, as well as provide a blockage against infection transmission.

Gloves for Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry

Our strong biodegradable medical gloves provide several solutions in the beauty industry, such as beauty salons, manicures & pedicures, podiatry practices, tattoo studios, and hairdresser studios.

Gloves in Veterinary Healthcare

Veterinary Healthcare

Kemei medical gloves are used while administering care to animals to prevent the transmission of bacteria. Amongst our premedication, shaving, washing, cleaning, dealing with infectious diseases, epidemiological threats, and sterile operations.

Gloves in Laboratory


As an exam gloves manufacturer, Kemei’s products meet the demands of medical and biotech specialists in controlled environments, as well as professionals in lab research environments. Laboratory gloves types are available here.

Gloves in Agri food Industry

Agri-food Industry

In the agri-food industry, our medical gloves are highly applied in numerous productions, such as the processing of milk, confectionery, beverage production, frozen food production, meat processing, fruit & vegetable processing, and fish processing.

Gloves in Automatic Industry

Automatic Industry

The petrochemical industry, paint shops, tire service, general mechanic service, machine industry, and chemical industries make use of our gloves in the bid to ensure protection against harsh chemicals & weather and to provide comfort.

How Medical Gloves are Manufactured in Our Company

Being a one of the top 10 glove manufacturers in world list, we’ve mastered the processes of manufacturing reliable,
high-grade sterile gloves that perform excellently. At Kemei medical glove company, we use our strong production
experience to manufacture powerful medical examination and latex surgical gloves.


Below is a step-by-step process on how we manufacture sterile medical gloves in our company.

Plant Raw Material

We cultivate rubber trees to help in our bid to maintain environmental sustainability. At Kemei, we extract the latex nitrile and manufacture concentrated latex based on specific properties, such as their protein content, durability, and all-round safety.

OEM/ODM Product Development

All our productions are developed to be original and replicate our customers’ exact specifications. As a sterile gloves manufacturer that prioritizes quality, all our production processes are done in-house. Only the highest quality gloves are transferred to the next stages of production.

High-Grade Automatic Production Lines

Our gloves go through a thorough process of pre-leach, vulcanizing, and post-leach in order to get fully clean and strong gloves that are safe and comfortable to wear.

Quality Management/Testing

Kemei sterile medical gloves go through strict quality control and testing processes that ensure the effectiveness. Our medical gloves factory is filled with skilled specialists to proceed Size Measurement, Content of Botanyglycoside, Watertightness Test and Watertightness Test.

E.T.O Sterilization

After the production processes are completed in our 100,000 clean room medical gloves factory, our medical gloves are further sterilized thoroughly to ensure the absence of impurities.

Custom Packaging

The last stage of our production process involves packaging the medical gloves to have the identity of your company. The gloves are neatly assembled in packages that reflect your brand image, like your brand name, logo, and slogan.

Why Choose Kemei as Your Medical Gloves Manufacturer

Over the past two decades, Kemei has been providing reliable sterile medical gloves with quality and durability higher than the products offered by some of surgical gloves manufacturers in malaysia, and choosing us as your medical gloves supplier guarantees the best. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your medical gloves manufacturer.


Recognition and Certificates

All our gloves are manufactured following stringent quality control procedures that comply with national and international standards. As a result of this, we’ve earned several recognitions and certifications from reputable organizations like CE, FDA, ISO 13485, 510(K), ASTM, SGS, TUV, and ITS.


Clean Room Production

All our production processes are carried out in our 100,000 clean room medical gloves factory, which measures a total dimension of more than 230 acres. This promotes the safety and comfortability status of the gloves.


High Productivity

Kemei has incorporated new automatic demoulding production lines from Malaysia and South Korea to become the leading medical gloves manufacturer. We now have 11 glove production lines with an annual output of 3.96 billion pieces, which makes us capable of producing as many pieces as you want.

cost efficient

Cost Efficiency

Our major raw material is from rubber trees, which are readily available and cheap to acquire as we are involved in their planting and production. Thus, we manufacture affordable and high-performing medical gloves.


Quick Delivery

We manufacture and deliver our customers’ orders quicker than expected. Deliveries that don’t require customization are delivered the next day, while those that are to be customized take between 7-20 days.

response time

Quick Response

At Kemei, we offer free pre-sale consultation, and give professional product selection advice in accordance with customers’ requirements. Even after-sales, we give quick replies to customers’ inquiries and provide them with other free services.

oem services

OEM/ODM Services

Kemei is known for its uniqueness and all our productions replicate this. We don’t imitate other manufacturers’ designs, rather we provide ODM and OEM services that make us stand out. All our designs and productions are based on customers’ specifications.

China Medical Gloves Buying Guide

What Are Medical Gloves?

In order to prevent the spread of disease and infection during medical examinations and operations, healthcare personnel and patients alike should wear medical gloves. They are produced from polymers such as nitrile rubber, latex, neoprene, and polyvinyl chloride and are intended for single use only.

Types of Medical Gloves

There are different types of medical gloves (Knowledge: What Are The Types Of Gloves In Dentistry) available. You need to select the one that is appropriate for your business needs. 

Surgical gloves

Gloves worn or used to prevent the spread of disease during medical procedures and examinations are considered surgical gloves. 

Latex surgical gloves

The surgical gloves manufactured from natural rubber latex that acts as protection against any microorganisms that might transfer during medical procedures are considered latex surgical gloves.

Exam gloves

Exam gloves are disposable gloves that are worn by medical personnel during patient examinations and procedures to help stop the spread of disease.

Nitrile exam gloves

Nitrile exam gloves are a much more long-lasting and chemically resistant synthetic substitute. They are also very difficult to puncture.

Latex exam gloves

Examination gloves made of latex can be either sterile or non-sterile. They shield the wearer from the potentially harmful effects of contact with bodily fluids such as blood.

Why Do You Need Disposable Medical Gloves?

Disposable medical gloves lessen the likelihood that healthcare providers will get sick from handling blood and other bodily fluids or coming into touch with broken skin or mucous membranes.

These gloves help prevent the spread of disease from one patient to another and their surroundings.

How to Find the Best China Disposable Medical Gloves?

Doctor wearing a face mask and surgical gloves

Certain disposable gloves do not meet the criteria to be considered medical gloves. Disposable gloves labelled “medical grade” must adhere to standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These standards guarantee that no matter where they are used, medical gloves will never be flimsy or unreliable.


There is a wide selection of AQL-rated disposable gloves available. To begin, think about what kind of gloves you like to wear. Before making a large purchase, it's wise to educate yourself about the various glove materials and their respective applications.

Powdered or Powder-free

There could be powdered and unpowdered gloves available to you. Cornstarch coatings on powdered gloves make them less cumbersome to don and keep them from sticking together. The FDA has outlawed the use of powdered gloves in surgical procedures and physical examinations, despite the fact that they can be more convenient.


The thickness of the gloves should also be taken into account. The protective barrier provided by thicker gloves is greater. They can be worn for a longer period of time because they are more resistant to tearing. Thicker protection is provided by gloves designed for industrial use.

Why Choose Medical Grade Gloves for Your Need

Medical grade gloves are part of infection-control strategies. They are designed with quality medical-grade materials that help to protect the wearer and/or the patient from the spread of diseases or infections.


Medical-grade gloves are chosen for two major reasons.

To protect healthcare workers from the risk of blood and other body fluids contamination.


To eliminate the possibility of germs spreading into the environment, or transmission of germs from healthcare workers to patients and vice-versa.

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Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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