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Kemei is a leading medical gloves company that supplies wholesale latex exam gloves that serve as protection for medical practitioners as they carry out their day-to-day activities. We are a reliable manufacturer of latex examination gloves in China and our gloves are made of natural rubber latex materials that are environmentally friendly and thoroughly sterilized by ethylene oxide to ensure optimal safety.


Kemei latex examination gloves manufacturer supplies OEM latex examination gloves that are designed to provide the right combination of right fit and comfort. Our skilled and experienced engineers apply a unique method to ensure a strong, tolerant texture, and a pitted surface on the palm side for better dexterity, grip, and tactile sensitivity. On the other hand, we have a PVC gloves company where we manufacture disposable PVC gloves for people who are allergic to latex.

We set the mark for other latex examination gloves suppliers as our products comply with the regulatory standards of all reputable third-party quality management organizations like SGS, ISO,ASTM CE, and FDA 510 (K), TUV, ITS.

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Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

Helpful in conducting medical examinations, our sterile latex gloves are made clean from contaminants and easy to wear through our advanced latex formulation.

Sterile powdered textured; XS, S, M, L.

For conducting medical examinations and protecting healthcare staff.

CE certification, National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.

Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

Committed to cultivating and producing latex rubber, we produce latex examination gloves that are powder-free to reduce any irritation during medical examinations.

Powdered and powder-free. Sizes include XS, S, M, and L.

For examinations and protection of medical personnel

CE certification, National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.

Benefits & Features of Powder-Free Latex Examination Gloves

We manufacture wholesale powder-free latex gloves that have outstanding features and provide top-notch benefits. Below are some of the benefits and features of our powder-free latex examination gloves.

OEM Latex Examination Glove in Kemei – Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory from China

At Kemei, we provide several OEM latex examination gloves services. We are not just a latex exam gloves supplier, but a one-stop latex exam gloves wholesale provider. Our services cover a wide range, including the customizing, packaging, and delivering of latex exam gloves.
Exam Glove Material

Custom Latex Exam Glove Packaging

Our long list of specialties includes assembling customers’ orders in customized packages. We package our customers’ latex exam gloves in boxes that reflect their business name, logo, and other business information.

Custom Latex Exam Glove Size

Custom Latex Exam Glove Size

We design our gloves to be identical to your hands. Your fingers fit into them perfectly and your palm caresses the fully textured finish smoothly. They provide maximum comfort.

Non sterile Latex Exam Glove

OEM Sterile or Non-sterile Latex Exam Glove

Amongst our custom services include the production of sterile exam gloves and non-sterile exam gloves that are used in different applications, also meet powdered and powder-free latex gloves wholesale needs.

Wide Variety Applications of Kemei Disposable Latex
Examination Gloves

As a disposable plastic gloves manufacturer and surgical gloves supplier, we specialize in providing medical-grade latex exam gloves that are used in a wide variety of applications. Some of them are listed below.
Latex Examination Glove Application for Dental Care

Medical and Dental

Latex Examination Glove Application in the Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry

Latex Glove Application in Senior Care

Child Care and Senior Care

Exam Glove Application in Cleaning Industry

Cleaning Industry

Exam Glove Application in Food Service Industry

Food Service and Processing

Latex Glove Use in Veterinary Healthcare

Veterinary Healthcare

Gloves in Laboratory


Latex Examination Glove Application in the Automatic Industry

Automatic and Manufacturing Industries

How China Powder-Free Latex Examination Gloves are Manufactured in Our Factory

For over two decades, we’ve been involved in the production of latex examination gloves, and over time, we’ve mastered all the technical know-how and experience needed, hence manufacturing flawless powder-free latex examination gloves. Below is a step-by-step process involved.

Plant Raw Material

The raw materials used for production are sourced from rubber trees, which contain great intrinsic values and help to maintain our environmental sustainability goals. After sourcing is completed, we increase their abilities by adding some compounds.

OEM/ODM Product Development

Our latex examination gloves are designed and manufactured to be 100% original and meet customers’ specifications. We have a 100,000 clean room factory where all our production processes are carried out, thus ensuring ODM and OEM.

High-Grade Automatic Production Lines

The gloves are put through a thorough pre-leach, vulcanizing, and post-leach procedure to ensure that they are completely clean and strong. To make this possible, on a daily basis, we fill our hot water tanks with 150,000 liters of bacteria-treated water.

Quality Management

After the production stages above are completed, we carry out quality inspection and testing on all the gloves to confirm if they meet the quality standards. Only the compliant gloves are approved.

E.T.O Sterilization

The approved gloves undergo a radiation process that sterilizes them to remove all bacteria and dangerous substances that might be attached to them. This guarantees their safe and healthy usage.

Custom Packaging

The manufacturing process is completed when the produced gloves are assembled in a specially customized package that carries your business information like the name and logo.

Why OEM Latex Examination Gloves Manufacturers Choose Kemei

Since 1999, we’ve been a latex examination gloves manufacturer and we’ve met the demands of numerous clients with reliable wholesale latex exam gloves. Choosing us guarantees that you’ll enjoy unmatched OEM services. Here are some reasons why you should choose us.


Recognitions and Certifications

We’ve earned several recognitions and certifications both home and abroad for producing quality latex exam gloves. Some of them are from ISO, CE, TUV, ITS, SGS, FDA 510 (K), and ASTM.


Clean Room Production

We have a 100,000 clean room factory where we produce all our customers’ latex exam gloves orders. The factory is void of bacteria and contaminants, and is as large as 230 acres, allowing the production of bulk orders.


High Productivity

Customers orders met within a short lead time as we’ve increased our annual production output by acquiring two additional production lines from Malaysia and South Korea. Now, Kemei has a total of 11 production lines with an annual output of 3.96 billion latex exam gloves.


Quick Response and Delivery

We offer several pre and post-sale services to our customers which include providing immediate response to their inquiries. Also, the delivery process is fast. Neutral packaging are delivered the next day, while custom packaging are delivered within 7-20 days.

Considerations When Buying Wholesale China Latex Exam Gloves

Described below are the factors you must consider when buying latex examination gloves in China and other parts of the world.

Firstly, note that they are disposable gloves that are designed to be used just once. Latex exam gloves' primary purpose is to provide sanitation and protection.

Know your material. Be sure of your reaction to the material. Some people are allergic to latex or very sensitive to the powder used on gloves. If you fall under this category, you could go for other materials, like gloves made by a vinyl or nitrile examination gloves manufacturer.

Next, you want a set of latex examination gloves that fits your hands perfectly. Choose gloves that provide an ergonomic fit, are comfortable, and can reduce fatigue. This is very beneficial if you will be wearing it for a long period of time.

Know the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) test result. Only choose latex examination gloves suppliers whose products have an AQL of 2.5 or less.

Other things you should be sure of are the thickness, tensile strength, shelf life, flexible elongation, and chemical resistance.

Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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