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Trusted Medical Gloves Manufacturer Since 1999

From the time Mr. Zhou Yiyuan founded Kemei to today, we continue to focus on improving healthcare workers’ capabilities in treating patients. Over the years, we continue to create advanced medical products that can alleviate the challenges faced by healthcare professionals such as our medical gloves, infusion stickers, surgical masks, and much more.

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Comprehensive Medical Product Range

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Supplying healthcare industries with complete medical supplies

Kemei specializes in surgical gloves, nitrile examination gloves, latex examination gloves, surgical masks, medical disposable coveralls, and other essential medical supplies. We emphasize the quality and sterilization of our medical gloves and face masks since our inception.

The ongoing pursuit of medical breakthroughs

Over the years, Kemei expanded our line of face protection, body protection, head protection, and foot protection products. We continue to find solutions that will address new challenges in the future as we build a comprehensive all-in-one stop for your pharmaceutical and medical supply needs.

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

Jiangxi Kemei has extensive production experience and strong manufacturing performance of medical supplies thanks to our advanced facilities. Through our 100,000 level clean room, QC system, and R&D facilities, we ensure all of our latex gloves, face masks, and other medical supplies are contaminant-free, comfortable, and functional.

The addition of new automatic demolding production lines from Malaysia and South Korea have bolstered our production speed. Kemei is capable of an annual output of 6 billion glove pieces thanks to 11 of our production lines.

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Setting the Standard on Quality Assurance

Kemei branded medical products not only meet the national standards on safety and performance but also qualify for major global target markets. The medical supplies we have are certificates by the EU CE, FDA 510(k), and other institutions. Reputable third-party testing institutions such as SGS and TUV determined that our medical products comply with international product standards.

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Optimal Response to Covid-19

Covid-19 became a challenge for Kemei due to its impact on our employees and supply lines. Despite the difficulties, Kemei strived to the challenge by continuing our commitment to producing certified medical products as well as increasing our production output of 2 million pairs of medical gloves each day.

We can surpass our goals thanks to the dedication of our personnel and trusted suppliers. The amount of products we manufactured is enough to donate medical supplies to hospitals and various healthcare establishments that require them.

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Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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