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Kemei caters to the healthcare and medical market, where hygiene standards are on top of the product requirements. Our line of high-quality gloves is manufactured with natural latex and nitrile, with both powdered and powder-free varieties.

Examination Gloves Wholesale from a Versatile Exam
Gloves Manufacturer

At Kemei medical gloves company, our primary aim is to protect healthcare providers as they administer treatment to patients. While medical specialists ensure the well-being of patients, we supply wholesale medical exam gloves that keep them safe.


Kemei exam gloves manufacturer supplies wholesale exam gloves that protect healthcare specialists from viruses, bacteria, biohazards, chemicals, and other dangerous substances.


Our gloves also prevent oils and dirt on the hands from transmitting to the items used for medical operations.

We have the best wholesale disposable examination gloves factory where we manufacture bulk medical exam gloves that undergo several quality inspections and testing to ensure their efficacy and reliability.

We set the standard on quality assurance as our wholesale medical exam gloves are manufactured with high quality materials that comply with the standards of numerous third-party quality management organizations like the EU CE, FDA 510(K), ASTM, SGS, and TUV. Thus, making us recognized as one of the best medical exam gloves manufacturers on the international market.








Non-Sterile PVC Examination Gloves

Non-Sterile PVC Examination Gloves

We use unique post-processing technology to construct examination gloves that prevent irritation and allergies, with good flexibility and touch.

  • XS, S, M, and L.
  • For labor protection and household hygiene in hygiene inspection and agriculture as well as the food, chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries.
  • National and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.
nitrile glove

Non-Sterile Nitrile Examination Gloves

With a strong and durable surface, our nitrile gloves come with a solid structure for easier gripping.

  • Powder-free textured; XS, S, M, L, XL.
  • Preventing cross infection between patients and healthcare staff.
  • ASTM D6319、EN455 , EU DOC, National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.
PE gloves

Non-Sterile PE Examination Gloves

Made with quality thermoplastics and PE material, our examination gloves are clean and can withstand stains to prevent transmissions.

  • S, M, and L sizes are provided.
  • For household cleaning, laboratory inspection, mechanical gardening, food, sanitation and industrial and agricultural protection, hair dyeing, care washing, dining ,etc.
  • National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.
Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

Committed to cultivating and producing latex rubber, we produce latex examination gloves that are powder-free to reduce any irritation during medical examinations.

  • Powdered and powder-free. Sizes include XS, S, M, and L.
  • For examinations and protection of medical personnel
  • EN455, EN374, EU DOC; National Quality Standards, and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.
Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

Helpful in conducting medical examinations, our sterile latex gloves are made clean from contaminants and easy to wear through our advanced latex formulation.

  • Sterile powdered textured; XS, S, M, L.
  • For conducting medical examinations and protecting healthcare staff.
  • CE certification, National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.

OEM Disposable Examination Gloves in Kemei – Manufacturer from China

At Kemei, we provide several OEM examination gloves services, including the manufacturing of different custom plastic gloves, such as custom PVC medical gloves and PE examination gloves. We are a one-stop medical exam gloves wholesale provider; we are capable of tailor-fitting gloves to your exact specifications and package them to display your business identity.

Below are some of the numerous custom examination gloves services that we provide.

Exam Glove Material

Custom Exam Glove Material

We are a nitrile, TPE, vinyl, and latex examination gloves manufacturer. At Kemei, we provide several exam gloves made with different materials.

Medical Glove Packaging1

Custom Exam Glove Packaging

As a specialist in OEM examination gloves, we package our customers’ exam gloves under their brand information, like the name, logo.

Exam Glove Size

Custom Exam Glove Size

Our gloves are designed to any size you want. We have trained exam gloves manufacturers with the technical know-how of producing custom exam glove sizes.

latex exam gloves

Sterile or Non-Sterile; Powder-Free or Powder

We produce sterile examination gloves and non-sterile examination gloves. Also, our gloves come in powdered and powdered-free options.

Why Wholesale Examination Gloves?

To get efficient and high-quality wholesale examination gloves from a reliable supplier and manufacturer, there are certain considerations to be made. 

Bulk Price

Bulk purchases are a must for businesses. The medical exam gloves bulk price ranges from $13-$18 per box upon a minimum purchase of 500 boxes. This price range may vary for different suppliers.

Flexible MOQ

Establishing a MOQ for wholesale or retail buyers might assist guarantee a minimum payment. With a flexible MOQ, one can purchase wholesale examination gloves as per needs.

Custom Service

With features unique to specific businesses, it becomes difficult to select any one type of gloves. However, with manufacturers providing custom services, you can easily get the product customized as per your needs.

Fast Quote

Getting a quote for bulk purchases often takes a long time. However, with the best wholesale gloves manufacturer, you can always expect a quick quote delivery, which further speeds up other processes.

Why Choose Powder-free Examination Gloves

Powder-free examination gloves are part of the infection-control strategies that help to control the spread of contaminants. Below are some of the reasons why they are mostly used.

Latex Glove Use in Pathology Labs

Wide Variety Applications of Kemei Medical Exam Gloves

As one of the best exam gloves suppliers, Kemei provides wholesale medical exam gloves that are used by numerous industries for several applications. Below are a few of them.

Exam Glove in Surgical Use

Surgical Use

We meet the demands of medical specialists by supplying medical-grade exam gloves that are used for protection during surgical operations. Also, they contribute to a sterile environment during medical examinations and procedures.

Exam Glove Application by Dentist

Dental exam gloves

Our dental exam gloves are worn by dentists while examining their patients to depict the causes and possible remedies for their conditions,which includes dental latex gloves and nitrile dental gloves.

Exam Glove Application in Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry

Several sectors in the beauty industry use our gloves to protect themselves from the chemicals contained in their various beautifying agents. Some of them include the manicure & pedicure, salon, tattoo studio, and podiatry practice.

Exam Glove Application in Cleaning Industry

Cleaning Industry

The chance of coming in contact with impurities while cleaning is unavoidable, which is why the cleaning industry staff makes it a top priority to wear gloves while working.

Exam Gloves in Veterinary Healthcare

Veterinary Healthcare

We supply wholesale exam gloves to veterinarians as they need protection while carrying out several veterinary medications like dealing with infectious diseases, and sterile operations.

Exam Glove Application in Laboratory

Laboratory Gloves

Laboratory gloves types are available in Kemei. Our exam gloves provide protection for biotech manufacturers and laboratory researchers as they deal with harsh chemicals and organisms.

Exam Glove Application in Food Service Industry

Food Service Industry

Workers in the food industry use our gloves in the numerous stages of production, such as the processing of milk, frozen food production, fish & meat processing, and fruit & vegetable processing.

Exam Glove Application in Automatic Industry

Automatic Industry

The petrochemical industry, mechanic service, and light industries make use of our examination gloves to protect themselves from chemicals, weather, and other harmful factors.

Powder vs. Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Powdered gloves are lubricated with cornstarch, making them very easy to wear. They provide more comfort, better grip, and are very easy to put on. The cornstarch beneath the surface helps to reduce discomfort and sweat.


Powder-free gloves, on the other hand, are not lubricated with cornstarch. They are designed with oil, chemical, and water resistance components, which make them more versatile than powdered gloves. Powder-free gloves are more skin-friendly, although they may cause some discomfort as they propel you to sweat on your palm during the day.

Wholesale Gloves from Disposable Examination
Gloves Factory- Kemei

Kemei, a leading medical exam gloves bulk producer, offers wholesale disposable medical gloves to shield users’ hands from germs and dirt during delicate procedures. As one of the leading providers of disposable medical gloves, we specialize in meeting the needs of the healthcare and medical industries, where strict adherence to hygiene regulations is paramount.

Powdered and powder-free options are available for all of the wholesale medical exam gloves in our product line, which are made from either natural latex or nitrile. One of our primaries focuses as a manufacturer of surgical gloves is making sure people aren’t harmed while performing delicate or irritating procedures.

How Medical Exam Gloves are Manufactured in Our Company

Since 1999, we’ve been manufacturing examination gloves, and over time, we’ve mastered the specialty and experience needed to produce flawless exam gloves. Now, here is a step-by-step procedure on how medical exam gloves are manufactured in our surgical hand gloves factory.

Plant Raw Material

We gain our raw materials from rubber trees which are planted by ourselves as they contain fantastic intrinsic features. Moreover, they help to maintain our environmental sustainability goals. After extracting the latex, we add some compounds to increase their abilities.

OEM/ODM Product Development

Our examination gloves wholesale are manufactured to be original and meet our customers’ requirements. All our manufacturing processes are carried out in-house in our Class 100,000 clean room factory, thereby ensuring compliance with quality standards.

High-Grade Automatic Production Lines

After the initial product development, the gloves are put under a thorough pre-leach, vulcanizing, and post-leach process in order to produce fully clean and durable exam gloves that suit everyone. These processes are done by using our hot water tanks which are filled with fresh 150,000 liters of bacteria-treated water daily.

Quality Management

After production is completed, we put all the exam gloves under a strict quality inspection, which includes electrical testing for microspores, watertightness test, extension Test and other rigorous tests.

E.T.O Sterilization

We put the gloves through a radiation process that sterilizes them and removes all possible bacteria and harmful agents, thus guaranteeing their usage.

Custom Packaging

The manufacturing process is completed by assembling the gloves neatly in packages and then customizing the packages with your brand name, logo, slogan, and other information you want.

Why Choose Kemei as Your Exam Gloves Manufacturer

Over the past two decades, Kemei has been in the business of manufacturing sterile exam gloves that offer protection and curb the transmission of impurities. Here are some facts that will make you choose us amongst other exam gloves suppliers.


Quality Recognitions and Certifications

We’ve gained numerous recognitions and certifications from many reputable third-party quality management institutions for meeting the quality standards required for exam glove production. Some of these institutions are ISO, CE, FDA, ASTM, TUV, ITS, and SGS.


ISO Clean Room Factory

We have a Class 100,000 clean room factory that measures more than 230,000 acres. This is where all our manufacturing processes are carried out, thus ensuring optimal quality and contamination-free production of bulk orders.


High Productivity

In addition to our production lines, we’ve added two new automatic demoulding production lines in order to increase our production rate. Now, we have 11 glove production lines and manufacture a minimum of 3.96 billion pieces of exam gloves annually. So, we can meet your bulk orders.

cost efficient

Cost Efficiency

We are committed to the planting of rubber trees since our raw materials are sourced from them. This is how we get high-quality and cost-efficiency raw materials to meet your orders.


Quick Delivery

We partner with reliable freight companies, making it possible to deliver our exam gloves to any location in the world. For neutral packaging, the deliveries are made the next day, while customized packaging are shipped in 7 to 20 days,

response time

Quick Response

Our customers enjoy free pre-sale consultations and product selection advice. Also, we make available after-sales services and provide answers to customers’ questions within 12 hours.

oem services

OEM/ODM Exam Gloves Service

Kemei is known to stand out in the midst of other exam gloves manufacturers. This is because we offer unique services; we don’t plagiarize other manufacturers’ initiatives.

Disposable Examination Gloves Buying Guide

What are exam gloves?

Medical operations and examinations necessitate the use of personal protective gloves to prevent the transmission of disease. Such gloves are considered exam gloves. 

Types of Examination Gloves

There are different types of examination gloves used in different industries. Some of the most common types of examination gloves have been mentioned below. 

Nitrile exam gloves

Nitrile gloves for medical use are created from synthetic rubber rather than latex gloves made from natural rubber. Nitrile gloves have a high level of resistance to both: oil and chemical, tear and puncture.

Latex exam gloves

Disposable, sanitary, and hygienic, latex gloves remain a popular option in the medical and healthcare industries. Medical professionals, dentists, caregivers, and veterinarians can all benefit from wearing them because of the protection they provide against biological and chemical contaminants.

Due to their pliability, touch sensitivity, and dexterity, latex examination gloves are ideal for delicate tasks. As a result, they are frequently chosen by doctors, veterinarians, dentists, and other medical professionals.

Powder-free exam gloves

When compared to powdered latex gloves, which typically contain cornstarch, "powder free" gloves do not have any powder coating on the inside. Powder coatings on disposable gloves make them less cumbersome to put on and take off, less likely to rip, and better at preventing the buildup of sweat and other moisture inside the glove.

Powdered exam gloves

Powdered gloves, which have cornstarch added to make donning them simpler even in crowded environments, can also keep gloves from clinging to one another. Wearing powdered gloves for extended periods of time might irritate or aggravate sensitive skin. Cornstarch powder is another possible allergen for people with latex sensitivities.

Why Do You Need medical exam gloves?

Person wearing blue gloves

When used properly, medical examination gloves ("exam gloves") can help reduce the risk of infection for both patients and medical staff. Depending on the glove, medical examination gloves can also be used to shield (Check:Best Medical Face Shield) the wearer's skin from the agents and chemicals used in chemotherapy.

The risk of contracting a blood-borne disease following accidental contact is significantly reduced.

They provide increased dexterity and a higher level of skin protection.

How to Find the Best Latex Sterile Surgical Gloves?

By considering certain factors mentioned below, you can select the best latex sterile surgical gloves for your business. 

Decide the use of the gloves

Before choosing any of the exam gloves bulk, it is important to decide the purpose or the industry in which it will be utilized. The uses and requirements for these gloves may be different for distinct industries. Therefore, it is for you to decide why you need the gloves.

Consider the resistance and strength of the gloves

No matter what you plan on doing with the gloves, you can't risk them ripping. Due to their sturdiness, they are well-suited for demanding activities. Gloves with a greater thickness offer greater protection. Gloves that don't stretch can easily be torn either by putting them on or while they're being used.


Gloves with enough gripping ability are essential for any task that requires the handling of tools, instruments, or other small objects. A patient's physical condition may necessitate the caregiver's assistance in lifting and carrying them. Over-grip can be harmful or uncomfortable for the patient in certain circumstances. Naturally sticky, latex gloves provide the best grip.

How to Wholesale Examination Gloves?

It is important to follow a specific procedure to get the best for your business. Simply selecting any disposable examination gloves factory or medical exam gloves manufacturers is not a wise choice to make. Below mentioned are certain steps that will help you get the best wholesale examination gloves. 

Research the Market

Appropriate market research on the product and the various exam gloves suppliers is a must. The research done on different wholesale examination gloves manufacturers will ensure that you acquire all the details regarding different manufacturers and can create a comparison chart to find out the best.

Choose the Right Medical gloves Manufacturers

Shortlisting a few suppliers is not just an end to the selection procedure. There are several factors that you need to consider in the context of exam gloves suppliers. Some of them include the certification and safety measures, quality of the products they manufacture, reseller or producer, design, and support services.

Contact the Manufacturer

Once you reach the final list of exam gloves suppliers, the next step involves contacting them and clarifying the details and business needs with them.

Where Should You Buy Examination Gloves in Bulk?

Kemei Logo 1

In terms of quality control, no one does it better than Kemei medical, whose wholesale examination gloves are built to medical standards. Our examination gloves are soft and flexible, making them ideal for safeguarding the hands during medical work. Crafted from the highest quality rubber and then disinfected to ensure the health and safety of the user.

We are a trusted provider of examination gloves wholesale worldwide thanks to the certifications we’ve received from the European Union (EU), the Council of Europe (CE), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Food and Drug Administration’s 510(K) program, SGS, and TUV.

How to Make Wholesale Exam Gloves Orders on Kemei

Placing orders at Kemei is even easier than visiting a factoring and placing bulk orders. With the following easy steps, you can immediately place bulk orders here.

Firstly you need to place a query. Every product page has a query option where you can select the product and fill in the query

After placing the query, you will receive a message from the support team. You can further complete the process of placement by specifying other details.

Based on the details you will receive a price quote from the team representative

As a final step, your order will be confirmed after you have clarified all the information.

Considerations When Buying Disposable Examination Gloves

Know your glove material. There are several types of materials – latex, nitrile, vinyl, TPE, and PE. You need to be certain about the type of material you want for your glove. For example, if you prefer nitrile, only patronize a certified medical nitrile examination supplier.

Gloves-related recognition and certification. You should only buy exam gloves that are compliant with regulatory organizations' standards, such as FDA.

According to the FDA, exam gloves must have great features like outstanding thickness, tensile strength, shelf life, and flexible elongation.

Check for fitness, feel & dexterity, and chemical resistance.

According to the FDA, only powder-free exam gloves are to be used as they prevent sweaty palms and discomfort.

Check the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) test result. Only buy an exam glove that has an AQL of 2.5 or less.

Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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