Face Shields

Well-Designed Face Shields Manufacturer

With access to quality materials and technology, Kemei formulates the latest face shields for all-around protection from incoming pathogens. To add value to every purchase, we offer consultation and after-sales support to ensure we can bring your brand to industry heights.

Face Shields

  • Description

    Polymer materials ensure our face shields maintain lasting durability, along with a foam strip to cushion and protect the brow. Helping the prevention of the spread of infectious disease are our face shields that cover a wide area while giving a clear view for medical professionals.

  • Model and Specification

    320×220mm, 320×250mm, and 320×270mm.

  • Application

    To protect medical personnel during inspections and treatment to block incoming body fluids or splashing.

  • Quality Standard

    Complies with National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.

Face Shields Face Shields

Wholesale Face Shield in a Plastic Facial Shield Factory

Kemei is one of the leading plastic face shield manufacturers you can trust. With years of experience, a 100,000 cleanroom factory, and the continuous study of the industry standards, we manufacture OEM face shields that serve as perfect protection for the face against all forms of hazards. We contribute to making the world a safe place by offering solutions to face shield wholesale needs.


If you want ready-made or custom face shield for your own brand, you can count on us. We have qualified designers to help meet medical face shield wholesale needs.

Medical Face Shield

Custom Face Shield from a Reliable Medical
Face Shield Manufacturer

As the requirement for face shields continuously increases, it has become essential to add it as part of the safety equipment in every industry. Especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, its relevance has become obvious. In any industrial applications, including hospitals, laboratory, food production, pharmaceuticals, construction, and manufacturing industry, using a face shield is important.

As a leading medical disposable manufacturing company in China with specialties in the production of face shields, we supply industries, brands, and distributors with medical-grade face shields that ensures that the wearers are safe from pathogens especially airborne and moisture aerosol particles like outputs in a cough or sneeze.

Our face shields are constructed with strong polymers and anti-static coating materials, ensuring that the face shields last long and are easy to clean. They also come with a foam strip to cushion and protect the eyebrow.

With a large production base, measuring approximately 230 acres, we conduct all our manufacturing processes in-house, ensuring optimal quality. In compliance with the industry standards, our face shields complies with National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 quality management System Standards.

Features and Benefits of China Custom Face Shield

Face Shield

At Kemei, we are dedicated to making custom medical face shields that stand out worldwide with outstanding features and benefits.

Why Custom Medical face Shield is so Important

There are high chances of contamination in every industry, including hospitals, construction sites, food production, laboratory, etc. Dust, debris, and droplets from the mouth or nose are some of the most common modes of disease transmission. Therefore, it is important to always cover the face while working to maintain a sterile environment.

Wearing a custom medical face shield is a safety measure to prevent the spread of germs. It covers all the sides of the face, including the front, side, and the top. This protection is essentially more needed by staff who operate closely with patients and other people.

Wide Variety Application of Kemei Transparent Face Shield

Face shields are applicable in so many industries. In fact, they are sometimes used in conjunction with other PPE. And in cases where there are limited wholesale face covers, face shields serve as all-round safety equipment.

Below are a few of the wide range of face shield applications.

Medical Healthcare

Medical Healthcare

As a medical goggles manufacturer and producer of face shield, we provide medical practitioners with all the safety equipment needed to keep them safe. While giving treatment to patients, healthcare specialists are protected from all forms of contaminants.

Laboratory 1


Laboratory operations involve dealing with a lot of fluid, harsh chemicals, blood splatters, and gas, which are sometimes harmful. Kemei offers a transparent face shield that protects the face without sacrificing the clarity and visibility needed.

Food Industry 2

Food Industry

Workers in the food industry make use of face shields as an extra layer of protection against food contamination during production and packaging.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Majority of the manufacturing plants are filled with staff who work close to one another, hence difficulty in implementing effective distancing measures. Face shields help to prevent the spread of germs in such environments.



Custom medical face shields are essential equipment for workers who deal with different microbes, fluid, and in other times, blood. To ensure 100% cleanliness, it is a necessity to wear a transparent face shield for protection and clarity.



Workers in construction sites are vulnerable to dirt and debris, but with a face shield, they will be safe from such germs. Kemei face shields are constructed to fit perfectly with construction hats.

Why Medical Face Shield Suppliers Choose Kemei

Over the last two decades of our involvement in ensuring that both workers and individuals are safe, we’ve partnered with several institutions by providing solutions to their clear face shield wholesale needs. Choosing kemei as your face shield supplier gives you access to our dedication to making products that comply with safety and quality requirements.


Recognitions and Certifications

With constant follow-up with trends and industry regulations, we manufacture OEM face shields that are of premium quality and approved by reputable institutions like ISO, CE, 510(K), ASTM, SGS, TUV, and ITS.


Clean Room Production

At Kemei, we manufacture face shields in our 100,000 cleanroom factory to ensure that they are not contaminated or have low-quality. In doing this, we create a healthy working environment for our workers, making sure that production won’t be compromised.


High Productivity

Thanks to our 11 powerful production lines, including our automatic demoulding production lines, we are capable of meeting wholesale face shield orders within a short lead time, meaning you won’t experience any form of production delay.

cost efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Raw materials used in manufacturing are sourced directly by growing a reliable rubber tree forest. This ensures that materials used for production are readily available, low-cost, and of standard quality.


Quick Response and Delivery

With our staff expertise and advanced machines, production time is reduced, ensuring quick delivery. Neutral packaged products are delivered the next day, while customized packaged products are delivered in 7-20 days.

great customer services

Great Customer Service

At Kemei, we offer excellent customer service with provision of free pre-sale and after-sale consultation. Our experts are always available to give immediate replies to every inquiry.

How Certified Plastic Face Shield Manufacturers Produce Clear Face Shield

Manufacturing wholesale face shields for sale is clinical and demands a lot of expertise. For reliable OEM face shields, only plastic face shield manufacturers who have the knowledge and arsenal can be trusted.


Here is a step-by-step process of how Kemei, a certified plastic face shield manufacturer, produces wholesale face shields.

Pick Raw Material

In a bid to uphold our goal of an eco-friendly production, we make use of natural raw materials, including rubber, latex, and nitrile. They are selected based on their features and potential benefits.

OEM/ODM Product Development

As a dynamic plastic face shield manufacturer, we conduct research & development, product design, and testing of OEM face shields that are safe and meet the industry standards.

High-Grade Automatic Production Lines

At Kemei, we have several high production lines in place, boosting our productivity. To make sure that the products are free of particles and harmful residues, we conduct three strict processes – pre-leach, vulcanizing, and post-leach.

Quality Management/Testing

Our OEM face shields are a result of rigorous quality management and testing procedures, which are carried out by experts in our well-equipped face shield factory. This guarantees that our wholesale face shields are defect-free and comply with the required standards.

E.T.O Sterilization

After proper quality assessment by our professional staff, we sterilize them to clean every dust and contamination attached. This is done in our 100,000 cleanroom, which is void of any atom of bacteria and germs.

Custom Packaging

Customers’ orders are assembled neatly in customized packages that promote their brands. Information such as the brand’s name, logo, label, and slogan can be printed on them.

Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale face shield in Bulk

When buying face shields for sale in bulk, there are some important factors you must consider. They are highlighted below.

Features: The first thing you have to consider is the properties of the wholesale face shields. Check to confirm that they have all the features and abilities required, such as lightweight, toughness, clarity, easy to clean, etc.

Product Quality: There are many mediocre face shields on the market, so you have to confirm that you are buying from the best among the wide range of plastic face shield suppliers. To do this, you can check their manufacturing and quality management procedure, as well as industry-relevant certifications.

Turnaround Time: Ask the face shield supplier to relay the exact time it will take for your wholesale face shield order to be delivered. Many plastic face shield suppliers use logistics companies to make deliveries. In a case like this, they should provide you with the tracking details, so that you will be able to know when your order will arrive.

How to Make Medical face Shield Bulk Orders on Kemei

Our team works tediously to make your buying experience easy and simple. All the information you need to make an informed decision are provided to you. No need for time-consuming and stressful navigations.


Below is the step-by-step process involved:

Step 1: Make a Query

On all of our product page, we’ve made available all the information you need to place your order. This information entails the features of the face shields, as well as the applications. Once you like a product, to place an order, you have to fill the query form. There are query forms present on every product page. This is to help you in reaching out to us. You are at liberty to fill as many query forms as possible. We will reply to all of them.

In case you are not sure of what you need or the information provided is not sufficient, simply go to our Contact page. Fill the query form there and someone from our team will contact you to discuss your concerns.

Step 2: Talk to Us

After submitting a query, someone from our team will reach out to you within 24 hours. Speak to our representative about your face shield wholesale needs. If you need assistance, our representatives are great at advising on the best options for your needs.

You will then be given a price quote based on your choice of custom medical face shields.

Step 3: Confirm Your Order

We will send you an email, requiring you to confirm your order. The email will entail the details of your order, including the quantity, price, turnaround time, and payment information.

Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Wait for Your Order to be Delivered

Once your order is confirmed, sit back, and wait while we handle the rest. Our workers will get to production immediately. After production and packaging is completed, we will deliver your medical face shield bulk order to you in no time through our trusted courier.

Attentive Research to Maximize Facial Protection

How Our Experts Make the Right Face Shield Design

Our laboratory prioritizes total safety and so has formulated the lens material to be clear and durable.

The shield’s structure itself fully covers the face, extends beyond the ears, and covers the forehead and chin.

Through precise construction and quality materials, we create face shields that offer optical clarity and great protection.

Face Shields

Balancing Comfort and Protection

Lightweight Face Shields

Designed with input from medical professionals, our face shields combine the need for comfort with the well-rounded protection required for medical operations.

While providing maximum front and side coverage of the face, our face shields weigh only 2 ounces to be worn with little hassle. For more comfort, our face shields provide ventilation that keeps the head cool by drawing away hot air.

discussion on balancing comfort and protection of face fields


  • 1.Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are a large-scale factory integrating R&D, production and sales.

  • 2.How can we guarantee quality?

    Our production is in full accordance with the international medical IS013485 standard, All all of products produce Always apre-production sample before mass production.Always final Inspection before shipment.

  • 3.How does your factory do regarding quallty control?

    Quality is our hightest priority. We always attach great importance to quality control, from raw materials to shipping.

  • 4. How about the price? Can you make It cheaper?

    We always take the customer’s benefit as the top priority. Price is negotiable under different conditions, we are assuring you to get the most competitive price.

  • 5.Why we choose you? What Is your strength?

    We are a professional manufacturer of ISO 13485 certified medical consumables and medical electronic products.we offer high quality products, perfect services and competitive price.

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Whether you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective medical protection equipment for the hands, body, head, or feet, Kemei has them all in stock.

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