Product Development

Innovative Medical Product Development

Kemei is set to revolutionize the medical industry through our R&D department. We take in the feedback and demand of healthcare workers across the globe, including its challenges when it comes to latex gloves such as allergies. In doing so, we create medical supplies that have improved the quality of health care staff across the globe.

  • Material Development
  • Product Features
  • Engineering & Autmation
  • Sustainability

Cutting Edge Material Development

To create the next generation of medical supplies, we invested in material development for our products. This research allows us to create high-performance synthetic elastomers without conventional vulcanization chemicals, making our gloves have better durability, comfort, and stability.

Through our material development, we developed a new 1527 material that is eco-friendly than nitrile and is allergy-free.

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Functional Product Features

Part of the R&D goal is to improve the functionality of our products such as utilizing a cutting edge formula for our gloves.

The formula makes our glove lightweight while having high tensile strength, allowing health workers to perform their tasks without obstruction. We also reduce the use of raw materials without compromising the product quality thanks to the formula.

Streamlined Engineering & Automation

With the rise of demand for premium medical supplies, Kemei steps up with the development of our automated glove stripping machines. In addition, we also implemented double former production lines.

Kemei is capable of addressing the rise in demand for high-grade medical products during a pandemic or global medical crisis.

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Global Standards on Sustainability

As part of our initiative to be an eco-friendly medical product supplier, Kemei incorporates energy-conserving practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

We also produce environmentally friendly medical gloves made from sustainable resources, making them safe for the surroundings.

Innovative Medical Solutions

Readying Countries to Face Clinical Challenges

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Challenges of the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare system and medical workers are under constant pressure to provide better service. Healthcare professionals are relying on innovative products and solutions that can alleviate various concerns and challenges within the medical industry.

Rising to the Healthcare Challenges

Kemei listened to the demands of various healthcare workers across the globe. By researching the needs of the medical industry and real-world scenarios of medical supply applications, we can produce solutions that can efficiently address the requirements of healthcare professionals.

Working to a Bright and Healthier Tomorrow

Even with medical supplies that are cost-efficient and have optimal performance, Kemei continues to find better ways to assist healthcare professionals in caring for their patients across the globe. We stay ahead of the curve by utilizing advanced equipment such as our automated demolding machinery and double former production lines, state-of-the-art inspection/measurement tools, and well-trained staff to find better solutions to address future demands for innovation.

Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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