Top Surgical Gloves Manufacturers In Kerala

Most surgical and medical procedures employ disposable sterile surgical gloves. The majority of these gloves are powder-free because powder can create issues if it goes into surgical wounds or exposed body tissue.

Surgical gloves must meet strict production requirements and are subject to stricter rules. They are also well-built and efficient in high-risk scenarios needing defense against blood, body fluids, or infectious diseases. Non-sterile gloves, on the other hand, are the most cost-effective, non-invasive option when compared to sterile gloves.

Finding the right surgicare gloves manufacturer is not easy, you need to consider a number of factors. To make it a little easier for you, here are the top 5 surgical gloves manufacturers in Kerala (Relate: Top Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers in The USA) , that serve you with the best quality.

Chinese Surgical Gloves Manufacturers: MedicalKemei

Chinese surgical gloves are one of a kind, providing both quality and reliability in their products.

Medicalkeimei Source logo
Source: Kemei

The surgical gloves by Kemei are made to look immaculate and professional while providing comfort and protection. Due to their several production lines, they are able to meet demand by producing surgical gloves quickly and delivering them within 7–20 days. 510(K), CE, ASTM, ISO, FDA, SGS, TUV Certificates are gained by them because of their quality.

With clever product improvements, they have created surgical gloves that are essential for preventing the spread of diseases in healthcare facilities. The worldwide medical IS013485 standard is fully followed in its production.

Products And Services Offered

  • Sterile Surgical gloves powder free
  • Sterile Medical exam gloves
  • Nitrile Medical Gloves
  • Medical gowns
  • Surgical caps

Top 5 Surgical Gloves Manufacturers In Kerala

1. VKJ Healthcare

VKJ Healthcare logo
Source: VKJ Healthcare

Type of Business: Glove manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Ernakulam Kl 686691 India.

Year Founded: 2021

Products offered: Medical gloves

VKJ Healthcare is a high-quality latex surgical glove and examination glove producer. Both sterile and non-sterile powdered gloves are manufactured by them. The highest quality materials are used to create their products, and they do stringent quality checks at every stage of production. For all of your medical glove needs, VKJ Healthcare offers a one-stop shop.

Products And Services Offered

  • Examination gloves wholesale
  • Sterile Surgical powdered gloves
  • Non-sterile surgical powdered gloves
  • Non-sterile latex examination gloves
  • Sterile latex examination gloves

2. Kanam Latex Industries Pvt.Ltd.

Kanam Latex logo
Source: Kanam

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier of medical gloves.

Location (Headquarters): Kerala, India – 686 001.

Year Founded: 1986

Products offered: Latex surgical gloves, Examination gloves, and other medical gloves.

Kanam Latex is the largest manufacturer and exporter of surgical and examination gloves (Best Latex Gloves Manufacturers In Thailand) made of latex in India. They began as India’s first fully automated glove plant and now operate eight fully automated glove factories. High-quality sterile powdered and powder-free surgical gloves, examination gloves, and a variety of specialty gloves are produced and exported by Kanam. They offer the widest selection of surgical gloves, latex gloves keralaallowing consumers to choose the best option for their procedure, whether it be for general surgery or a more specialized procedure like microsurgery or orthopedics.

Products And Services Offered

  • Sterile latex surgical powder-free gloves
  • Sterile latex surgical powdered gloves
  • Specialty Sterile Surgical gloves
  • Sterile Synthetic Surgical
  • Non-sterile Nitrile Examination Gloves

3. Medismart

Medismart logo
Source: Medismart

Type of Business: Medical gloves manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Kerala, India-686518

Year Founded: 2002

Products offered: Surgical gloves and examination gloves wholesale.

At Medismart, products are made, packaged, and sterilized using the most up-to-date equipment, including a fully automated dipping line, an auto robot stripping system, automatic pinhole testing equipment, an automated wallet system, and an in-house chemical and microbiology lab. Medical gloves manufacturers in Kerala (Relate:Top Surgical Gloves Manufacturers in Delhi) produce products of superior quality while keeping to delivery schedules in an effort to reach the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Products And Services Offered

Age Industries Pvt Ltd.

Age Industries P Limited logo
Source: Age Industries (P) Limited 

Type of Business: Manufacturer of medical disposables.

Location (Headquarters): Palakkad Kerala, India, Pin: 678 556.

Year Founded: 1997

Products offered: latex gloves, rubber gloves, and other surgical gloves.

Age Industries (P) Limited specializes in producing and marketing surgical and examination gloves, as well as other medical disposables, for both the domestic and global markets. These surgical gloves manufacturers in kerala (Relate: Top Surgical Glove Manufacturers In South Africa) have skilled and knowledgeable founders, with a broad range of expertise in both domestic and foreign business. They are able to more effectively and efficiently respond to market demands as a result of their long-standing associations with numerous sectors across the globe. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Surgical rubber gloves
  • Surgical latex gloves
  • Examination gloves

Royal Latex Technologies

Royal Latex Technologies logo
Source: Royal Latex

Type of Business: Glove manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Kerala 686584

Year Founded: 2015

Products offered: Surgical, industrial, and household gloves.

Royal Latex Technologies, which has been producing medical gloves for the past two years, has improved its capacity to comprehend and foresee the needs of the medical community. They work hard to include honesty in every facet of their products so that they may be a trusted trading partner for the glove sector. With its deft touch and creative vision, Royal Latex Technologies continues to be a pioneer of latex surgical gloves manufacturers in kerala(Relate: Top 5 Latex Surgical Glove Manufacturers In Pakistan).

Products And Services Offered

  • Latex surgical powdered gloves
  • Elbow-length surgical gloves
  • Radiation protection gloves


Surgical gloves bear a significant responsibility in the operating room. They shield the wearer from numerous chemicals used in the operating room and protect the patient and user from contamination. They also stop bacteria and other diseases from entering the surgical work area. Thus, surgical gloves should adhere to infection control standards that safeguard both the healthcare provider and the patient (Knowledge: What Are The Types Of Gloves In Healthcare) in order to prevent infection.

Today, there are many medical gloves manufacturers in Kerala providing various high-quality surgical gloves available to accommodate a variety of surgical procedures and price requirements. When selecting surgical gloves, you must take into account both quality and price. A good value does not necessarily mean going with the cheapest alternative. 

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