Trusted Manufacturer of Medical Gloves for the Global Market

With more than two decades of manufacturing excellent medical supplies, Kemei is your go-to source for durable and affordable medical protection products.

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Extending to more than being one of the leading latex gloves manufacturers, we establish ourselves as your one-stop-shop for pharmaceutical needs with a selection of medical products like latex surgical gloves and other various gloves for hand protection, as well as other supplies for face, head, body, and foot protection.

Serving Millions of Clinical Users Worldwide, Every Day

Priding itself as a premier medical supplies contributor and supplier in China, Kemei’s industry-leading medical supplies see use in virtually every medical facility in the country.

Healthcare facilities in major countries prefer our line of medical protection products for its unsurpassed quality and dependability. 

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Continually Shaping the Healthcare Landscape Since

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Producing Quality Medical Supplies Annually

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Exceptional Manufacturing and QC Capability

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Set to meet the rising global demand for protective medical supplies, Kemei has continued to upgrade our manufacturing facility. We’ve ranked top 10 glove manufacturers in world list secured numerous state-of-the-art machines for fast and efficient production.

Apart from the equipment, we gained certifications from multiple inspection bodies and applied their standards in our production process. This guarantees that only world-class medical supplies leave our facility. That is also why the quality of our products is even better than many surgical gloves manufacturers in malaysia. 

Vast Overseas Exportation

Stemming from growing market confidence worldwide, we export products to Korea, England, Spain, Germany, and African.













New Zealand







Vast Overseas Exportation

Developing High-Value Service for You

When you work with Kemei as your medical supply provider, it’s more than your usual sourcing transaction. We act as your business partners, developing cutting-edge medical protection products for your brand’s improvement.

Product Development

Utilizing the best materials and modern production equipment, we constantly push the envelope in developing next-level medical supplies to the market.

Latex Farming

We practice deep research to develop the ideal type of rubber trees to source the latex material used on our medical gloves.

Strict Quality Control

Intensive quality control protocols guarantee the premium quality of our medical gloves and other medical protection products.

After-sales Service

By listening to the demands of various healthcare workers across the globe, we continue to serve thousands of healthcare institutions and bring solutions to efficiently address requirements.

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How Kemei Responds to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge the world, Kemei takes its role as a premier source for reliable medical protection garments.

Despite human resources and supply management obstacles, we continued to supply partner facilities with up to 2 million pairs of medical gloves. We also donated medical supplies to Wuhan and other critical areas free of charge.

Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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