Efficient Manufacturing

Streamline Gloves Production

Kemei has a progressive manufacturing system that has optimized speed and accuracy. This strategically invested equipment is fully automated to minimize errors and decreasing labor costs. The certified factory can produce 600,000 medical gloves per month without compromising on quality thanks to our robust production capabilities.

Gloves Produced Per Hour


Built to Support Global Market Needs for Medical Supplies

Covid-19 has led to a dramatic rise in global demand for certified medical gloves. In addition, Kemei state-of-the-art plants’ optimized operational efficiency makes us a progressive high-tech company is driven by a skilled workforce as opposed to others within a low-tech and labor-intensive sector.

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High-Grade Production Lines

The industry-leading production performance of our robust factory comes from our customized double former system that is connected to an innovative monitoring system.

Through the efficiency of our system, we can immediately identify errors or potential break down in the system to avoid any downtime.

Efficient Automated Glove Stripping System

As part of our cutting-edge automated system, a glove stripping system within our facility can help transport medical gloves within a short time.

Kemei’s stripping system is capable of removing 50,000 gloves per hour, ensuring there are no bottle-necks during our production process.

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Medical Production Principles

Reliable Efficiency

The efficiency of our facilities and our mature supply chain ensure nearly zero downtime on our monthly output on medical gloves and other supplies. This ensures that bulk medical gloves orders are completed even during peak periods.

Impeccable Quality

Kemei is committed to providing functional, safe, and protective medical supplies that meet the global regulatory standards. This commitment is achieved through our strict QC system.

Demand Oriented Flexibility

From surgical gloves to sterile latex gloves, our production lines are interchangeable. This flexible quality allows us to fulfill market demands for specific medical supplies or to help you adjust to shifting circumstances.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Kemei ensures various aspects of our production process can protect the environment such as conserving energy and minimizing waste, without compromising on our annual output and product quality.

Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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