Best Latex Gloves Manufacturers in South Africa

Latex gloves provide an efficient barrier for the hands and wrists against several substances, including alcohols, detergents, biohazards including bacteria and viruses, physiological fluids, and more. In comparison to Latex, Nitrile is a stronger, better-quality glove. 

For individuals who do not want better chemical and puncture resistance, latex is an affordable alternative. The best defense against bacteria, viruses, and bodily fluids among the most popular glove materials is provided by latex. We are going to talk about the best latex gloves manufacturers in South Africa (Top Nitrile Gloves Suppliers in South Africa)

MedicalKemei: A Great Chinese Alternative

Type of Business:  Gloves manufacturing and Packaging Technology

Location (Headquarters): Jiangxi Kemei Medical Apparatus & Instruments Group Co., Ltd.Address: No. 316 National road, Xinju, Changshan Town, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, 331724 Jiangxi Province, China.

Year Founded: 1999

Products offered: Medical gloves, Complete Medical Supplies

Kemei Logo 1
Source: Kemei

We have continued to focus on improving the capacities of medical professionals to treat patients ever since Mr. Zhou Yiyuan founded Kemei. We have persisted in creating innovative medical products over time, such as our surgical masks, infusion stickers, and gloves, which can increase the output of healthcare professionals.Kemei has gained many certificates includes but not limited 510(K), CE, ASTM, ISO, FDA, SGS, TUV certificates.

Along with other essential medical supplies, Kemei specializes in China’s disposable medical gloves factory, medical exam gloves wholesale, surgical hand glove factories, latex examination gloves manufacturer, surgical mask manufacturers, and disposable medical coveralls. Since the beginning of our business, we have paid close attention to the sturdiness and cleanliness of our medical gloves and face masks.

1. Omnisurge

Type of Business:  Disposable wear & products

Location (Headquarters): Cape Town, South Africa

Year Founded: September 4, 2007

Products offered: Disposable gloves, food industry supplies, medical supplies, mobility

Omnisurge Logo
Source: Omnisurge

Omnisurge is a reputable medical equipment provider to the medical profession, the beauty industry, businesses, local and state governments, and organizations that specialize in providing wholesale medical supplies. Every customer receives the same individualized treatment, and we provide medical equipment to suit their specific requirements. You will always receive top-notch service and the lowest wholesale prices, regardless of your order quantity.

They have always offered the finest caliber of client service. They think how well they assist them in finding the best solutions to suit their needs sets us apart from the competition. Their advisers are prepared to assist you in finding what you need because they have more than 15 years of experience in medical supplies.  

Products And Services Offered

  • Disposable gloves 
  • Food industry supplies 
  • Medical supplies 
  • Mobility

2. Focus Products

Type of Business:  Disposable wear & products

Location (Headquarters): Johannesburg 2192

Year Founded: 2006

Products offered: Adult diapers, latex gloves, alcohol pads, water disinfection, wound care

Focus Products Logo
Source: Focus Products

Leon Klugman founded FOCUS PRODUCTS (PTY) LTD in 2006; it was originally known as Isigidi Trading 389cc T/A Focus Products. Since the idea had been operating for a decade as a branch of a much bigger corporation, this was essentially only a name change. Numerous high-quality items from FOCUS PRODUCTS can be found on the shelves of pharmacies across the nation.

Focus Products has created a number of well-known brands in the industry. Drugsmart is a widely sought-after drug testing tool, especially among the SAPS and educational institutions. Superior quality goods such as auto lancets, pregnancy tests, female condoms, water disinfectants, and insect repellents have received attention. On the shelves of pharmacies around the nation, we have established a number of high-quality products.

Products And Services Offered

  • Adult diapers
  • Latex gloves 
  • Alcohol pads
  • Water disinfection 
  • Wound care

3. MedQ

Type of Business:  Disposable wear & products

Location (Headquarters):Johannesburg, 2128

Year Founded: 2018

Products offered: Hospital supplies, GP surgery equipment, medical students accessories, nursing homes and general medical supplies, Linen Savers, Autoclaves, Adult Diapers, Gown Surgical Sterile, Ultrasound Gel, Urine Bag, UV Sterilizer, Mask Aesthetic, Mask Surgical Ear Loop, Nasal Cannula Adult, Wheelchair Commode, Oxygen Concentrator trolley, Patient Monitors, crutches, sutures, surgical instruments, latex gloves

MedQ Logo
Source: MedQ

The major provider of family planning goods to the public and private sectors in South Africa is MedQ Medical Supplies. In order to make the vision of their clients a reality, they offer sustainable best practice services to the clients and shareholders by offering competent and high-quality services.  

One of the largest suppliers of medical supplies in South Africa is Medqsupplies (Relate: Best 5 Glove Manufacturers in South Africa). They have provided first aid kits. In acute hospitals, keeping track of vital signs is essential to patient treatment. The traditional list of vital signs includes temperature, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and pulse. These indicators are always used to track patients’ development.

Products And Services Offered 

  • Hospital supplies 
  • GP surgery equipment
  • Medical students accessories 
  • Nursing homes and general medical supplies
  • Linen Savers
  • Autoclaves 
  • Adult Diapers
  • Gown Surgical Sterile 
  • Ultrasound Gel
  • Urine Bag 
  • UV Sterilizer
  • Mask Aesthetic 
  • Mask Surgical Ear Loop 
  • Nasal Cannula Adult 
  • Wheelchair Commode
  • Oxygen Concentrator trolley 
  • Patient Monitors 
  • Crutches
  • Sutures 
  • Surgical instruments
  • Latex gloves

4. EMS Pharmaceutical Distribution

Type of Business:  Disposable wear & products

Location (Headquarters):South Africa 0184.

Year Founded: 2012

Products offered:  

High-Level Disinfection, Bandages, gauzes, and cotton wool, Admin sets/infusion therapy, Plasters and tapes, Examination gloves, Ultrasound / ECG / X-ray, Wound dressings

Syringes & needles, Protective disposable wear, Blades, Respiratory, Catheters and tubes, Dermal fillers & threads, Equipment / furniture / linen, Orthopedic, Other consumables

EMS Pharmaceutical Distribution Logo
Source: EMS Pharmaceutical Distribution

Since 2012, EMS Pharmaceutical Distribution (Pty) Ltd has been a supplier of medical supplies in South Africa. They want to lead the medical business in the creation and supply of multidisciplinary, premium products at affordable wholesale costs. As medical wholesalers, providing prompt, effective service with a personal touch is in our blood. Regardless of the amount of the order, every single customer receives the same level of care and respect.  

Their objective is to create enduring connections with our clients in order to completely satisfy our customers, not just to supply goods where it is required. They have an export license that allows us to supply medical supplies everywhere in South Africa as well as throughout Africa. Orders are delivered by the own vehicle or by courier services for simple access to a large selection of furniture and medical disposables. 

Products And Services Offered

  • High-Level Disinfection
  • Bandages, gauzes, and cotton wool
  • Admin sets/infusion therapy
  • Plasters and tapes
  • Examination gloves
  • Ultrasound / ECG / X-ray
  • Wound dressings
  • Syringes & needles
  • Protective disposable wear
  • Blades
  • Respiratory
  • Catheters and tubes
  • Dermal fillers & threads
  • Equipment / furniture / linen
  • Orthopedic
  • Other consumables


Above are some of the best latex gloves manufacturers in Africa (Relate: Latex Gloves Manufacturers In Thailand). Despite the introduction of synthetic materials, latex remains the most elastic, resilient, and form-fitting glove material. Latex is a biodegradable material derived from the latex ducts of rubber trees and is the most common glove material. These characteristics make the wearer much more dexterous, tactile, and comfortable, making these gloves ideal for use in the medical, automotive, and food service industries.

The best defense against bacteria, viruses, and bodily fluids among the most popular glove materials is provided by latex. There are different thicknesses of sterile latex surgical gloves powder-free available for resilience against tears and punctures. They come powered, lightly powdered, or without any powder. The cornstarch-based powder is utilized inside latex gloves (Learn: Vinyl Gloves vs. Latex Gloves) to make it simple for you to put them on your hands. You can contact Kemei for more details.

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