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With the constant advancement of ambulatory and post-acute care, it’s essential for medical facilities, laboratories, and institutions to have the latest medical supplies. As one of the leading medical supplies suppliers, Kemei provides modern protective tools to meet global quality standards.

Expansive Medical Supply Coverage

Understanding the ever-increasing demands of the market today, we’re not just limited to making top-grade medical gloves. Our product line covers complete body protection, including the face, body, foot, and head. We also provide materials for wound cleaning and electronic tools for vital sign reading.

Establish Your Brand with Our OEM Service

Are you looking to build your brand with our excellent medical supplies? We can help you by placing your brand logo on the packaging, making them your own.

  • Hand Protection
  • Face Protection
  • Head Protection
  • Body Protection
  • Foot Protection
  • Paste Medical Products
  • Cotton Medical Products
  • Plastic Medical Products
  • Electronic Medical Products

Medical Gloves

Make a lasting impression on your target market with our line of medical gloves. Made with the latest automatic demolding lines and premium materials, you’re guaranteed durable and safe-to-use gloves.

Face Protection Products

From face masks to medical goggles, Kemei has your market’s face protection needs covered. Experts carefully design each product to provide maximum protection while offering comfortable wear.

Head Protection Products

Kemei’s disposable head protection products give your customers unsurpassed defense against head contaminants. Manufactured with top-class materials, Kemei’s disposable surgical caps are easy to wear and stay on for long periods.

Body Protection Products

Our extensive body protection offerings keep medical frontliners and those exposed to sensitive medical situations safe and protected. All products are made in a 100,000-level purification workshop to guarantee the sterility of our output.

Foot Protection Products

Keep the purity and cleanliness of high-risk medical facilities with our disposable foot protection products. Our disposable medical shoe covers are made with premium materials and modern production equipment, ensuring secure fitting and enhanced protection.

Paste Medical Products

Kemei offers a selection of disposable adhesives and dressings to help medical professionals administer necessary medical treatment. Our paste medical products facilitate better healing for long-term wound care.

Cotton Medical Products

For cleaning and treating wounds, our line of cotton medical products gets the job done right. These products are made with high-grade cotton and gauze materials and tailored for maximum efficiency.

Plastic Medical Products

Made from carefully selected plastic material, our plastic medical products provide accessories that complement medical equipment. These products make sample collection collection for quick virus detection faster and more reliable.

Medical Electronics Products

Helping medical institutions and post-acute care facilities monitor patients, Kemei offers various thermometers and blood pressure monitors. Our electronic medical products feature the latest technology, guaranteeing accurate results at all times.

Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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