Making Gloves

Strong Production Experience Produces Powerful Medical Gloves

One-Stop Production

Among our innovative production facilities include a 100,000-level purification workshop, QC workshop, packaging workshop, and aging test laboratory.

Clean Production Environment

Along with air filtration systems, we constantly maintain a dust-free manufacturing environment by closing off exit and entry points, preventing the emergence of any harmful substances.

Efficient Production In Every Step

We have introduced new automatic demoulding production lines from Malaysia and South Korea, which provide top-caliber manufacturing technology that can work on both latex and nitrile glove production.

Gloves Sold Worldwide

Thanks to our high productivity and connections with various regions, our gloves have been sold to more than 100 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Anual Glove Production

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Plant Area


Dedicated to Glove Production


For All Medical Supplies

Production Lines

Detailed Steps in How We Make Medical Gloves

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Latex and Nitrile Selection

While we also use disposable rubber for environmental sustainability, we source nitrile and concentrated latex based on their protein content, durability, and overall safety. With the right latex and nitrile, we produce a formula that lacks any irritants and is flexible for easy wearing.


In-House Compouding

To maintain consistent quality, we process non-toxic rubber through in-house compounding. Once the latex is compounded, we inspect to see if there are any excess chemicals to remove. Only the highest quality latex will be selected for glove production for further inspection.

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For fully clean and durable gloves that are compatible to any wearer, we carry out a thorough process of pre-leach, vulcanizing and post-leach. We have enough resources for these processes, with over four flowing pre-leaching hot water tanks and using up to 150,000 litres of bacteria-treated water daily.

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To remove non-rubber particles and harmful rubber residues, we pre-leach our gloves in 80 ft. of hot water that is treated to remove pathogens and prevent contamination.

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We carry out a thorough vulcanization process that strengthens the latex and material strength while reducing moisture content for long-lasting durability.

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Post Leach

After vulcanizing, our gloves are post-leached in 60 ft. of flowing hot water measured up to 80℃ to wash off residual chemicals, including latex protein.

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Having no protein content or contaminants, FDA-approved bio-absorbable dusting powder is essential in powdering gloves based on ASTM D-3577 standards for safe protein levels and lack of tact.


Powder Free Gloves

To keep gloves free from power, we extract latex protein content and carry out washing, chrolonation, neutralization, rinsing, and drying in a special area.

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We prevent discoloration and foul odor through our tumbling process. Gloves are stored in a space where temperature is critically controlled to help keep moisture at less than 0.75% and reduce powder content to less than 15 mg/dm2.


Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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