Environmental Sustainability

Protecting Both Human Life and the Environment

Kemei is aware of the environmental impact of medical manufacturing practices over the decades. We take into consideration the environment when it comes to our business decisions, allowing us to find a sustainable solution while providing premium medical supplies.

  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Eco-friendly Product Development
  • ISO-Certified Process
  • Waste Management

Sustainable Raw Material Sourcing

We are mindful of the global material consumption rate, which leads to the rising scarcity of resources. To address this issue, our R&D department found a means to produce light gloves and medical supplies that require less raw materials. We also upcycle unused materials to reduce the use of valuable resources.

experts are talking about Innovative Eco-Friendly Product Development

Innovative Eco-Friendly Product Development

We strive to develop green medical products that are safe for the environment. One of the breakthroughs from our R&D center is the use of a new 1527 material that is eco-friendly than nitrile and is allergen-free.


ISO-Certified Glove Production Process

By utilizing energy efficiency throughout the production process, we minimize the carbon footprint of our factory. Kemei also utilizes high-grade production equipment that is manned by experienced workers, ensuring low failure rates that lead to wastage.

Environment Focused Waste Management

Environment Focused Waste Management

Every solid waste within our factory is segregated into metal, plastic, paper, wood pallets, and recyclables. Waste segregation helps minimize solid wastes sent to landfills as well as help us comply with national regulations.

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