How To Put On And Remove Surgical Gloves

Surgical gloves are protective equipment that is used to protect the user and the patient during surgical procedures from cross-contamination. Sterile surgical gloves are helpful in surgical site hygiene by reducing the possibility of infection.

The final step in ensuring that your surgical gloves provide the most protection for you, your patients, and your staff is to learn how to wear gloves for surgery and how to take off medical gloves properly.

General factors that need to be noticed

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Disposable surgical gloves are useful and essential in a variety of industries, but as with any equipment, there are recommended factors to be considered. Here are the common factors that need to be noticed before beginning the procedure of wearing gloves and removing them. 

Here are a few general factors that need to be considered before wearing of sterile gloves. 

1. Select the appropriate glove size

Sterile surgical gloves are available in a variety of sizes. These can differ from one company to another. Try on several surgical gloves until you select one that fits well.  When you have the proper size for your hand, look for the following:

  • You should be able to move your fingers and hand freely.
  • There should be no friction between the gloves and your skin.
  • There should be little to no sweating.
  • Hand muscular fatigue should be little to non-existent.

2. Take off your jewelry

Consider removing any rings or other jewelry from your hands. These could infect your gloves, and also make them difficult to put on surgical gloves and use them. Removing your jewelry reduces the likelihood of your glove ripping. Put the jewelry in a secure place where you can quickly find it.

3. Wash your hands

Wash your hands before touching your gloves or putting on your surgical gloves.  For at least 15 seconds, rub your hands beneath the water flow with soap.  If you don’t have soap or water, use an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands.

How to put on surgical gloves in 10 steps

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People working in the medical industry use surgical gloves and must understand how to put them on properly. It is possible to avoid the transmission and infection from contagious germs by properly putting them on. This guide will take you through the steps on how to put on surgical gloves properly. 

Here is the ten-step process of how to wear surgical gloves.

Step 1: Perform hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is the most critical aspect of healthcare worker activity and the most effective approach to preventing infection. Improper hand hygiene is the major cause of HAIs and the transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms. 

Wash your hands thoroughly before you wear sterile gloves and dry them completely to prevent the gloves from sticking to your palms. 

Step 2: Prepare a clean working station

The first step in understanding how to wear sterile gloves is to prepare a clean working station. Before placing the glove package on the table, wipe any surfaces that aren’t washable. This will ensure that the gloves do not touch any contaminated surfaces before the surgery begins to prevent cross-contamination. 

Once the working station is sterilized, place the glove box or package on a clean surface. 

Step 3: Opening the glove box

If your gloves are in a package, carefully remove them by following the instructions on the package. Remove the surgical glove bundle from the package. Examine the package for rips, discoloration, or wetness, and discard it if it is damaged. Remove the pack’s outer wrap. Make certain to open the flap from the top, then the bottom, and finally the side. Keep in mind that you have only a 1-inch margin to work with, without contaminating the sterile field.

It’s worth noting that surgical gloves have a shelf life. Make sure your gloves aren’t expired before putting them on. Get your gloves from reliable medical glove suppliers for maximum shelf life of surgical gloves.

Step 4: Remove the inner wrap

Take a glove out from the box, making sure to pull it by the cuff’s edge. Remove the inner wrap from the package and put it on a clean surface. To check that you’ve opened the item properly, ensure that you can see both surgical gloves through the wrapping.

Step 5: Pick up the glove for your dominant hand

Hold the glove for your dominant hand with the other hand. Just the inside of the glove cuff should be touched (the cuff’s side that is touching your skin). Wearing your dominant hand glove-first reduces the chance of tearing or contamination in the hand you’ll be using the most during surgery.

Using this sterile gloves wearing technique will help you wear the glove on your dominant hand easily. 

Step 6: Wear the glove on your dominant hand

Allow the glove to dangle downward with the fingers facing down. To ensure sterility, keep your hands above the chest and not below the waist. Then, with your hand facing up and fingers open, put your dominant hand inside the glove. Then, with your hand facing up and fingers open, put your dominant hand inside the glove.

To avoid cross-contamination, remember to only contact the inside of the glove.  Only make adjustments after the other glove has been put on.

Step 7: Wear the second glove

Place your gloved hand’s fingers inside the folded cuff of the second glove and lift it up. Put the glove over your fingers while leaving your second hand flat and palm facing upwards. Then, with the second glove on, pull it over your hand.  To avoid contacting your exposed palm or wrist, raise your gloved hand gently.

Step 8: Adjust the gloves

You can adjust both gloves once they’re on. Pull up the cuffed part of each glove or make any other necessary changes by reaching under the cuffed part of both gloves. Reaching between the palm and the cuff is not a good idea because it will mess with the sterility of the gloves. 

Step 9: Smooth the glove out

The gloves should be smoothed out on your palms without any wrinkles or grooves. They should be snug, but not so tight that they block off your blood flow or make you uncomfortable.

Step 10: Check the gloves for rips

Examine each hand and glove carefully for rips. Rewash your hands and put on a fresh pair of gloves if you notice any evident rips, tears, or have other concerns.

Follow this sterile gloves wearing technique to put on sterile gloves easily and perfectly. Get exam gloves bulk orders to have ample supply of gloves for multiple surgeries. 

How to remove surgical gloves in 8 steps

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Every situation requires a different glove. Disposable gloves (Ultimate Disposable Gloves Buying Guide), such as nitrile or latex, are designed to establish a temporary barrier between your skin and external hazards. You shouldn’t touch the exterior of the gloves with your bare hands to preserve that barrier. As a result, it’s critical to remove gloves carefully. 

Here is an eight-step process on how to remove medical gloves.

Step 1: Pinch the glove

The first step in learning how to remove surgical gloves is pinching the glove. The dominant hand glove should be removed first. Begin by pinching the outside of the glove with your non-dominant hand. Pull at the wrist of your dominant hand to get a hold of the glove.

Step 2: Stretch the glove

Pull the glove inside out and off as you stretch it away from your body. Using your non-dominant hand, proceed to grab the non-removed glove.

Step 3: Bunch the gloves

The next step in learning how to take medical gloves off is to bunch the glove in your still-gloved hand’s palm. It’s important not to touch it with your bare hands. Make a fist with your fingers and wrap them around the glove.

Step 4: Slide your fingers inside the other glove

At your inner wrist, slide two fingers beneath the edge of the other glove without contacting the outside. Again, make sure that you don’t touch the gloves with your bare hands to avoid getting in touch with germs. 

Step 5: Pull the remaining glove

Pull the other glove inside-out then off your hand with your two fingers like a hook, collecting the first glove inside the second one. You will then have a small pocket with the first glove in it.

Step 6: Bundle up the gloves

Make a little bundle out of both the gloves while touching only a small part of the bundle. Keep as little contact with the gloves as possible. 

Step 7: Dispose of the gloves

Throw the soiled gloves in a secure manner. Re-wearing single-use gloves is not recommended. They can be thrown away if you’ve been cleaning your premise.  If you’ve been handling chemicals or cleaning human fluids, some counties require them to be double-bagged, so check out your local waste management requirements. 

Step 8: Wash your hands

OEM nitrile examination gloves are most efficient when used in conjunction with proper hand hygiene. Therefore, the last step to learning how to take off surgical gloves is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to ensure proper safety. 


Properly wearing and removing surgical gloves helps in maintaining the protective barrier that keeps your hands safe. Follow the given steps of how to put on and how to properly take off medical gloves for the best application.

You can also check the packaging of the gloves for proper instruction because the surgicare gloves manufacturer mostly prints the correct information on the box itself.

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