Best Gloves Manufacturers in Sri Lanka

With so many options of gloves being available, and their ever-increasing demand in the medical and the para-medical field, it’s a no-brainer that the glove business will be a lucrative one. 

If you are looking for some of the best glove manufacturers in Sri Lanka, it’s important to note that quality should be your key consideration.

Certain latex proteins may cause allergic reactions in some patients and medical workers if they are carried over into the finished product due to insufficient vinyl gloves powder free factory processes. The risk is dependent on the route of exposure and dose, as it is with any allergy.  

Hence, selecting a reliable manufacturer with proper certifications is crucial.

Medicalkemei: The Best Option 

Certificates: 510(K); FDA; CE; ISO 13485:2016; ASTM; SGS; TUV

From the time Mr. Zhou Yiyuan founded Kemei until now, we have focused on improving the capabilities of healthcare workers in treating patients. Medical gloves, infusion stickers, surgical masks, and other advanced medical products that can alleviate the challenges faced by healthcare professionals have been developed over the years. Not just latex and nitrile gloves, we also produce medical plastic gloves in China.

Medicalkemei recognizes that the medical consumables (Learn: List of Medical Consumables) and surgical gloves china produce have a direct impact on the health and safety of users, so product safety is always a priority.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Latex Gloves
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Medical gowns
  • Face protection
  • Medical Shoe Covers
  • Cotton medical products
  • Plastic medical products
  • Disposable surgical cap

List of Best Gloves Manufacturers in Sri Lanka

Here is a list of some finest gloves manufacturers in Sri Lanka (Relate: Best 8 Medical Gloves Manufacturers in India).

1. Lalan Group

Type of Business: Rubber manufacturing

Location: Malwana, Sri Lanka

Year Founded: 1940

Products offered: gloves, rubber products, packaging, thread and fabric, plantations 

Lalan Group Logo
Source: Lalan Group

The Lalan Group, which was founded in 1940, is one of Sri Lanka’s most diversified conglomerates, with over 46 subsidiaries involved in plantations, manufacturing, logistics, printing and packaging, engineering services, and hospitality. 

Its unique vertical integration enables efficient control of the entire supply chain in the plantation and production sectors, with roots in the plantation sector and over 17,500 acres of plantation property. 

Rubber gloves factory in Sri Lanka operations at Lalan produce the highest quality OEM latex examination gloves and rubber value-added products. To develop the rubber industry, they collaborate closely with rubber smallholders and the government.

Lalan has earned the highest quality certifications in our processes, including the Forest Stewardship Certification, thanks to its commitment to quality.

Lalan’s success is built on the dedication of 10,000 dedicated employees, and we take pride in being a responsible corporate citizen who upholds our core values while providing our customers with the best industrial and service solutions.

Products or services offered:

  • Gloves
  • Rubber products
  • Packaging
  • Thread and fabric
  • Plantations 

2. DPL Group

Type of Business: Protective hand-wear manufacturer

Location: Colombo 10, Sri Lanka

Year Founded: 1976

Products offered: unsupported gloves, supported gloves, disposable gloves, electrician gloves, sleeves

DPL group logo
Source: DPL group

Dipped Products PLC is a leading global producer of protective handwear. Their portfolio includes supported and unsupported natural and synthetic latex-based gloves with numerous applications in household, industrial, and OEM medical supplies

With four decades of industry experience, they have continued to refine their understanding of our clients’ ever-changing needs. With a portfolio of 350+ products, they are able to meet the diverse needs of customers in 70+ countries.

Since its inception in 1976, they have expanded its capacity to four manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and one in Thailand, as well as an extended marketing arm in Italy.

Products or services offered:

  • Unsupported gloves
  • Supported gloves
  • Disposable gloves
  • Electrician gloves
  • Sleeves

3. Chemanex

Type of Business: 

Location: Colombo 02, Sri Lanka

Year Founded:

Products offered: Estate Chemicals, Rubber, coatings, home and personal care, packaging/ food additives

Chemanex logo
Source: Chemanex

The primary goal is to supply quality raw materials to Sri Lanka’s coating-based industries. The customer base includes all major paint and ink Sri Lanka gloves manufacturers, ranging from multinational conglomerates to small and medium-sized local nitrile gloves manufacturers in Sri Lanka (Relate: Best 5 Glove Manufacturers in Malaysia).

From a well-known, leading surgical gloves supplier, the product portfolio includes organic and inorganic pigments, paint and ink additives, iron oxides, and titanium dioxide (rutile and anatase). 

The rubber chemicals unit is primarily responsible for supplying chemicals to the dry rubber product manufacturing, water treatment, and textile washing industries in Sri Lanka. Stearic acid, sulfur, zinc oxide, rubber accelerators, rubber antioxidants, and calcium hypochlorite are major products in this sector.

Products or services offered:

  • Estate Chemicals
  • Rubber
  • Coatings
  • Home and personal care
  • Packaging/ food additives

4. Hayleys

Type of Business: 

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Year Founded: 1976

Products offered: Eco Solutions, Hand Protection, Purification Agriculture, Plantations, Hand protection, Leisure

Hayleys logo
Source: Hayleys

Hayleys is now a story of resilience and pioneering spirit, as well as a 144-year journey of accomplishments. With business interests in 16 business sectors and multiple diversified investments in Sri Lanka, the Group accounts for approximately 4.2 percent of Sri Lanka’s export income, 3.9 percent of its tea production, and 4.5 percent of its rubber production. 

Hayleys holds a strong global market position in key industries such as transportation and logistics, agriculture, and retail, and has received numerous international accolades, including being the global leader in Coconut shell-based activated carbon and accounting for 5% of global household and industrial glove production.

Products or services offered:

  • Consumer & Retail
  • Leisure
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Construction Materials
  • Plantations
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Power & Energy
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Tea Exports
  • Projects and Engineering
  • Investments and Services

5. Piotex Gloves

Type of Business: Gloves Manufacturer

Location: Katana, Sri Lanka

Year Founded: 1956

Products offered: Yarn covering, Knitting, NBR foam dipping, Thumb crotch reinforcement, Heat transfer sticker printing, Screen printing

Piotex gloves logo
Source: Piotex Gloves

Piotex is a leading Sri Lanka nitrile gloves manufacturer (Relate: Best 5 Glove Manufacturers in South Africa) and specializes in special-grade gloves designed for maximum user comfort and protection. This one of the best gloves manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka began in 1956 with the manual production of rubber balloons and has since expanded into a wide range of natural and synthetic latex-based products.

Piotex now has integrated production facilities, allowing you to complete your product development and sourcing from a single company. Piotex Gloves (PVT) Ltd. is a coated glove manufacturer specializing in technology.

They produce NBR-foam gloves at a rate of 1 million pairs per month. When compared to competing gloves, our foaming technology provides superior grip, comfort, and breathability at work.

The company has earned a reputation for having the best products in the industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology and strict quality control procedures. You can contact them to place an order or learn more.

Products or services offered:

  • Yarn covering
  • Knitting (13, 15, 18 gauge)
  • NBR foam dipping
  • Thumb crotch reinforcement
  • Heat transfer sticker printing
  • Screen printing

Things to Consider

Country of Origin 

When looking for a sterile gloves manufacturer, you should think about where you want to get your gloves.

Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, and Sri Lanka are among the top producers of rubber gloves. These countries are well-known for producing gloves, in part due to their geographical advantage in having abundant natural resources of rubber trees.

According to the facts and details website, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia account for roughly 70% of the global rubber supply.

If you are about to work with a manufacturer from a specific country, don’t forget to check their credibility and reputation with the country’s official trade association.


We understand that product price is critical for your gloves business, but it should not be the only consideration when selecting a nitrile gloves manufacturer Sri Lanka. What we want to emphasize here is that there are some other factors that will require your attention in addition to the price.

Product quality, customer service and support, ideal lead time, MOQ, product compliance with specific regulations, and so on are all equally important during the medical nitrile examination gloves manufacturer research and decision-making stages.

Always make a list of the most important characteristics to consider and compare them. Because the final product reflects everything your brand stands for, you cannot afford to take it lightly by rushing to the cheapest exam gloves supplier.

Ideally, you should find surgical gloves suppliers in Sri Lanka who can deliver a high-quality product on time while still keeping you competitive in your market.


These were a few best hand gloves manufacturers in Sri Lanka (Relate: Top Gloves Manufacturers in USA), you can contact if you were looking for one for your business. Contact that you find appropriate according to your requirements and take your business to new heights. 

And if the location is not a concern for you, get in touch with the MedicalKemei team and get started!

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