List Of The Best 8 Medical Supply Distributors In The USA

Quality and hygiene are significant aspects that affect the purchase of medical supplies. Thus, top-notch medical supply manufacturers emphasize hygiene and quality factors.  

Medical Gloves And Mask
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New medicinal supplies are gradually entering the healthcare system to give the best possible care to patients. To provide quality service and reduce costs, having high-quality medical equipment is essential. Healthcare institutions always prioritize patient care, and they need to make sure that their medical equipment is properly maintained and managed.

From basic supplies like gloves, masks, and face covers to intricate things like diagnostic kits and electronic medical devices, choosing the best quality and sterilized medical supplies is essential. So, choosing a trusted medical consumables distributor that has global certifications and follows quality manufacturing standards is crucial. 

Benefits Of Sourcing Medical Supply from China: Medical Kemei 

Medical Kemei 

Kemei Logo 1
Source: Medical Kemei 

Business Type: Medical Supplies Distributor, Medical Equipment Exporter, Medical Supplies Dealer, Medical Equipment Wholesale

Headquarters: No. 316 National road, Xinju, Changshan Town, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, 331724 Jiangxi Province, China. 

Main Markets: China, USA, Germany, Korea, England, Australia, Spain, and a few Asian, African, and South American countries. 

Years Of Experience: 23 years of experience 

Certificates & Awards: ISO 9001:2015 Certification, CE Certifications, ANSI Certifications, FDA Certifications, ASTM Certifications, SGS Certifications, and TUV Certifications 

Medical Kemei was inaugurated in 1999 in the Jiangxi province of China. As of now, it is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of medical products with a comprehensive mission and vision. Medical Kemei delivers medical equipment to several countries around the world on a regular basis to ensure decent healthcare supplies and medical equipment is delivered to everybody in need. 

Medical Kemei is highly known for delivering medical supplies that are used for a wide range of applications, such as veterinary care, surgical uses, laboratory, food manufacturing, and so on. This company maintains a flexible MOQ and offers medical products at an affordable price when purchased in bulk quantity. 

Kemei is excellent when it comes to the production of latex surgical gloves, latex examination gloves, nitrile examination gloves, surgical masks, and disposable overalls. Since 1999, this company has emphasized the importance of hygiene, sterilization, and the quality of medical gloves and face covers. 

Over the time, Kemei medical supplies manufacturer has become a reliable distributor of different medical supplies such as medical gowns, face protection supplies, medical shoe covers, disposable medical adhesive tape and films, cotton medical gauzes and bandages, plastic medical products, and even medical electronics products. 

With its skilled R&D department, this company is optimizing the production of medical supplies and resolving the quality and durability standards challenges in the healthcare sector. They maintain cutting-edge material development to create the best medical supplies, along with the assistance of streamlined engineering and automation machines. 

Kemei also follows international sustainability standards. They have strict quality control, and all the manufactured medical supplies will go through 100% inspection and testing QC procedures. This company also offers customization options so the clients can acquire the proper medical supplies as per their requirements. 

This manufacturer retains a clean production facility with massive manufacturing capacity and offers OEM and ODM services. The Kemei company can produce about 50,000 gloves in an hour, thanks to their efficient automated glove stripping system and top-notch production lines. 

Products Offered

Brief List Of The Top 8 American Medical Supply Distributors 

Here is a sneak peek of the top 8 American Medical Supply Distributors in the USA who produce medical supplies: 

  1. 1. Wilburn Medical USA 
  2. 2. DDP Medical Supply 
  3. 3. McKesson Corporation 
  4. 4. Salus Medical 
  5. 5. Owens & Minor 
  6. 6. Cardinal Health 
  7. 7. Pipeline Medical 
  8. 8. AmerisourceBergen 

Best Rated Medical Supply Distributors In The USA 

When it comes to medical supplies and equipment, it is vital to consider the quality and hygiene of the products while acquiring them from experienced medical supplies distributors. To make the entire search process easy, we have curated this blog with a list of the best medical supplies distributors in the USA. 

1 Wilburn Medical USA 

Wilburn Medical USA Logo
Source: Wilburn Medical USA 

Business Type: Medical Supplies Manufacturer, Medical Equipment Supplier, Medical Supplies Distributor 

Headquarters:  NC 27284, USA   

Main Markets: USA and worldwide 

Certificates & Awards: C12 Group, Certified Women-Owned, Member Of Health Industry Distributors Association 

Wilburn Medical USA was launched in 1997 by Rick Wilburn in the USA. They deliver testing equipment and supplies to domestic and international clinics, physicians, hospitals, and wellness facilities. Wilburn Medical USA retains various manufacturing warehouses in different regions of the country to deliver the equipment quickly. They offer free shipping for the majority of bulk orders. 

Wilburn Medical USA is regularly surpassing client anticipations by delivering the proper medical supplies promptly for the best possible value. Some of their previous clients are Novant Health, the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Wake Forest Baptist Health, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Atrium Health, etc. 

Products Offered 

  • Biometric Testing Equipment 
  • Professional Screening Supplies 
  • Clinical Research Supplies and Support.
  • Cholestech LDX Test Supplies and CardioChek Test Supplies
  • Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits 

2 DDP Medical Supply 

DDP Medical Supply Logo
Source: DDP Medical Supply 

Business Type: Medical Supplies Supplier, Medical Equipment Agency, Medical Supplies Distributor 

Headquarters: St. Petersburg, FL 33716.  

Main Markets: USA and worldwide 

Certificates & Awards: National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) Accredited

DDP Medical Supply brand was started in 1998 by Joe DiFabio and Jack Oberding. The company’s original name was Diamond Diabetic, which was changed to DDP Medical Supply at the end of 2000. DDP Medical Supply is known to have the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy accreditation for drug distribution. 

This medical gloves manufacturer delivers a wide array of healthcare products for affordable pricing and ensures to deliver orders quickly without any delay. DDP Medical Supply delivers wholesale medical supplies and equipment to healthcare equipment firms, physician offices, pharmaceutical retailers, surgical facilities, etc. 

Products Offered 

  • Physician Office Supplies 
  • Wound Care Supplies 
  • Pharmaceuticals and Rx
  • Diabetic Supplies 
  • Needles, Syringes, and IV Products

3 McKesson Corporation 

McKesson Logo
Source: McKesson 

Business Type: Medical Supplies Exporter, Medical Equipment Manufacturer, Medical Supplies Distributor 

Headquarters: Irving, TX 

Main Markets: USA, Canada, Germany, and other neighboring countries 

Certificates & Awards: Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification and TRUSTe’s Enterprise Privacy & Data Governance Practices Certification participant 

McKesson is one of the oldest medical supply distributors in the USA. It was established in 1883 in Texas as a wholesaler of botanical drugs. With over 139 years of experience, this brand currently delivers more than 4000 products to 16+ countries. They maintain separate clean rooms and distribution lines to ensure quick delivery, such as pharmaceutical distribution lines, medical-surgical distribution lines, and specialty practice solutions and life sciences. 

This brand has strategic offices in various parts of the country, including Irving, Richmond, The Woodlands, Moon Township, Livonia, Malvern, and Atlanta. Furthermore, McKesson also has offices in Canada and Germany. In addition to that, they are known for giving logistical assistance to healthcare systems like supply chain technology and inventory management. 

Products Offered 

  • Post-acute Care Supplies 
  • Wholesales Surgical Supplies 
  • Medical Packaging Services 
  • Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies 
  • Syringes, Plasma, Gloves, etc. 

4 Salus Medical 

Salus Medical Logo
Source: Salus Medical 

Business Type: Medical Supplies Manufacturer, Medical Equipment Wholesaler, Medical Supplies Distributor 

Headquarters: AZ 85027 

Main Markets: USA  

Certificates & Awards: Compliant with all DEA regulations 

In 2012, Salus Medical was launched in Arizona, USA. If your business is planning to supply customized medical supplies and various types of healthcare equipment, then Salus Medical is the best pick. They have individual product development centers that allow clients to acquire customized medical supplies to meet their unique healthcare demands. 

This company offers only FDA-approved medical supplies, medications, disposable supplies, biologics, etc. Salus Medical is highly popular for having licenses in about 28 states in the nation. This company does not maintain a fixed minimum order requirement. In addition to that, they offer free shipping for many orders over a certain amount. 

Products Offered

  • Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Disposable Medical Supplies 
  • Primary Care Specials
  • Dental and Oral Surgery Medical Supplies
  • Biologics And Homeopathic Products.

5 Owens & Minor 

Owens Minor Logo
Source: Owens & Minor 

Business Type: Medical Supplies Manufacturer, Medical Equipment Exporter, Medical Supplies Agency 

Headquarters: 9120 Lockwood Boulevard Mechanicsville, VA 23116 

Main Markets: USA and 90+ other countries 

Certificates & Awards: Achieve Committed Program Excellence Award, Medical/Surgical Supplier Excellence Award, Supplier Diversity Award, and Earl G. Reubel Award 

Here is another senior most medical supply distribution companies in the USA, which was created in 1882. Since its inception, Owens & Minor company has given its best to become one of the leading medical equipment suppliers in the USA market. It is one of the Fortune 500 companies. This firm maintains vertically-integrated supply procedures and strict manufacturing quality control and standards. 

With over 140 years of experience, Owens & Minor is known to offer decent-quality and affordable medical equipment and enhance healthcare. The company launched third-party logistics and also developed MediChoice, which is its foremost private label line. This top medical supply distributor exports its healthcare and medical supplies to more than 90 countries. 

Products Offered

  • Surgical Solutions 
  • Patient Care Supplies 
  • Traditional Wound Care Supplies
  • Facial & Respiratory Protection Supplies
  • Admissions & Exam Room Supplies 

6 Cardinal Health 

Cardinal Health Logo
Source: Cardinal Health 

Business Type: Medical Supplies Exporter, Medical Supplies Distributor, Medical Equipment Trader 

Headquarters: United States 

Main Markets: USA and 90+ other countries 

Certificates & Awards: 2020 Noteworthy Company for Diversity, 2020 “W” Company, Corporate Citizenship Award, Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality, OIG/GSA verification 

Cardinal Health is one of the prominent medical products distributors in America, with headquarters in Ohio. With more than 50 years of experience, Cardinal Health is known to deliver a wide range of medical supplies to about 90% of American healthcare centers. They retain a network of over 130 nuclear pharmacies and around 30 PET sites and manufacturing areas across the nation. 

When it comes to exporting medical equipment, Cardinal Health delivers medical supplies to more than 90 countries and over 140,000 regions across the world. This surgical gloves manufacturer is popular for its extensive healthcare supply chain and has more than 4500 global sourcing and production partners. 

Products Offered

  • Anesthesia Supplies & Products 
  • Skin and Wound Management 
  • Enteral Feeding Tubes and Devices 
  • OEM Medical Specialty Products 
  • Specialty Drugs 

7 Pipeline Medical 

Pipeline Medical Logo
Source: Pipeline Medical 

Business Type: Medical Supplies Distributor, Medical Equipment Supplier, Medical Supplies Manufacturer 

Headquarters: 86 Bayard St, #358 New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Main Markets: USA, India, China, and Vietnam

Certificates & Awards: FDA Accreditation and The State of California Awards, 

Pipeline Medical is presently one of America’s leading medical supply distributors. It is an American-based medical supply logistics provider established in 2008. This brand is known for delivering complicated medical supplies to hospitals, governments, group purchasing organizations, integrated distributor networks, etc. 

They offer nearly 700,000 healthcare supplies and deliver them to more than 46 states in the United shapes of America. In addition, this medical supply company also exports a variety of healthcare equipment to over six countries, including Vietnam, China, India, and so on. They follow global certified standards and maintain 17 partnerships. 

Products Offered

  • Sterile Procedure Packs 
  • Wound Care Supplies 
  • Blood Cholesterol Testing Supplies 
  • Safety Hypodermic Needles 
  • DVT Therapy Supplies 

8 AmerisourceBergen 

AmerisourceBergen Logo
Source: AmerisourceBergen 

Business Type: Medical Supplies Supplier, Medical Equipment Dealer, Medical Supplies Distributor 

Headquarters: 1 West First Avenue Conshohocken, PA 19428 

Main Markets: USA and 50+ other countries 

Certificates & Awards: Global Forum Excellence Award, ISO 9001:2015 Certification, SOC1 Certifications, SOC2 Certifications, and HITRUST Certifications 

In 2001, AmerisourceBergen was created by merging AmeriSource Health Corporation and Bergen Brunswig Corporation. Currently, this company is one of the biggest medical supplies distributors in the United States of America. AmerisourceBergen is known to deliver nearly 20% of all the medical equipment used in the United States by hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. 

This latex examination gloves manufacturer is known to have about 140+ global offices and about 3,000+ associates in global markets. They provide logistical assistance to deliver medical equipment, pharmacy services, and animal healthcare solutions promptly. In 2015, AmerisourceBergen acquired MWI Veterinary Supply, and because of this, they joined the animal medical sector. 

Products Offered

  • Plasma Derivatives
  • Surgery Medical Supplies 
  • Nephrology and Renal Equipement 
  • Wound Care Supplies 
  • Animal Health Solutions 


The significance of acquiring and using high-quality and sterilized medical supplies is increasing. In order to provide adequate care for patients and ensure quick treatment, healthcare institutions are emphasizing the need to buy the best medical supplies. As the demand for medical supplies is growing, keeping a check on the quality of the products is relatively vital. Hope the above list of medical supply distributors could help save your time and do the right choice.

For medical distribution businesses planning to supply various types of sterilized medical supplies, it is best to order healthcare supplies and equipment from a credible manufacturer. So, make sure to contact Medical Kemei to get customized medical supplies in bulk quantities promptly for a low price.

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