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Fully Customized Wholesale Medical Gloves

Kemei is a one-stop surgical gloves manufacturer that provides OEM services patterned to meet your medical gloves bulk needs. Below are a few of the many custom services we offer.

Medical Gloves Material

Using various materials, such as latex, nitrile, and vinyl, different medical gloves options are available to choose from.

Medical Gloves Size

We make any dimension of medical gloves, including long, wide, and short gloves for adults and children.

Medical Gloves Sterile or Non-sterile

Our manufacturing capabilities extends to producing both sterile and non-sterile medical gloves with outstanding properties.

Medical Gloves Packaging

ith great expertise in OEM and private label medical gloves wholesale production, we make both neutral and customized packaging.

Why Wholesale Medical Gloves in Kemei

Buying a wholesale medical glove on a per-piece basis might often turn out to be an expensive option. Therefore, purchasing medical gloves in bulk from a reliable and professional latex surgical gloves manufacturer is not only a less expensive option but also the most appropriate one when considering large-scale businesses.

Bulk Price

Kemei grows latex trees by ourselves, so we provide customers with a bulk price for wholesale medical gloves if they source them in bulk.

Flexible MOQ

Having a flexible MOQ ensures that you can get the best price possible for the medical gloves and also select the appropriate amount for your business.

Custom Service

Apart from quick reply, Kemei also provides custom services for wholesale medical gloves. You will receive the gloves that best suit your industry.

Fast Quote

By receiving the price quotes immediately, one can shortlist the best deal and further speed up their business procedures.

Source Your Medical Gloves from Kemei in Bulk

As a leading medical gloves manufacturer since 1999, Kemei has been focused on providing healthcare institutions with wholesale disposable medical gloves to ensure all workers, patients, and visitors are safe. Having us as your supplier is a great choice as we carefully design and make professional gloves that protects against even the tiniest particle.


Recognition and Certificates

Our wholesale medical gloves meet the international market, hence why we’ve gained certifications from several reputable organizations, such as the CE, FDA, EU, ISO 13485, 510(K), ASTM, SGS, TUV, and ITS.


Clean Room Production

To ensure that the wholesale medical gloves don’t have any impurity, the manufacturing processes are conducted in our 100,000 clean room, which measures a total dimension of 230 acres, supporting mass production.


High Productivity

To increase the speed in meeting customers’ hospital gloves wholesale demands, we added new automatic molding production lines sourced from Malaysia and South Korea.

cost efficient

Cost Efficiency

Planting raw materials by ourselves makes our production cost lesser and more affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to have wholesale disposable medical gloves order.


Quick Delivery

Wholesale medical gloves orders with neutral packaging are delivered within a day while customized packaging takes 7-20 days.

response time

Great Customer Service

At Kemei, we offer superb pre-sale and after-sale services. There are experts who are always available to provide quick responses to your inquiries.

oem services

OEM/ODM Services

At Kemei, we provide OEM and ODM services. All our designs and productions for medical gloves in bulk are tailored to our customer’s requirements.

Buy Medical Gloves in Bulk Guide

Medical Gloves Available for wholesale

Surgical gloves

Latex surgical gloves

Exam gloves

Nitrile exam gloves

Latex exam gloves

Sterile medical gloves

How to Wholesale Medical Gloves?

Getting wholesale medical gloves for business from reliable latex glove manufacturers is a big decision to make. Do not take it in haste rather, proceed in a wise as well as informed manner to choose the best among the medical gloves manufacturers. Based on the reasons mentioned above, the quality of Kemei’s products has surpassed those produced by surgical gloves manufacturers in malaysia.

Research the Market

You can use the research to compile a shortlist of the most promising medical glove manufacturer names (Relate: Best 8 Medical Gloves Manufacturers in India) (Relate: Best 8 Medical Gloves Manufacturers in India) (Relate: Best 8 Medical Gloves Manufacturers in India). Use product-specific terms in your search if you want a more refined list.

Choose the Right Medical gloves Manufacturers

When you have a shortlist of companies that look prospective, like those that manufacture medical gloves, you can make an informed decision. Products sold directly from medical glove manufacturers tend to be superior to those sold by third-party sellers. There is a lot more information available from manufacturers to assist you in selecting the best gloves for your needs. Furthermore, you need to verify that you can get in touch with the manufacturer quickly and that they are available to answer your questions.

Contact the Medical gloves factory

If you've narrowed down the list of companies that make meat medical gloves, it's time to start contacting the china disposable medical gloves factory. You may use this information to find the best Medical gloves manufacturer by comparing their products, prices, customer service, and more.

Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale Medical Gloves

Before placing your wholesale disposable medical gloves order, there are a number of things that should be put into consideration. Firstly, you must select medical gloves that meet your specifications. Below are some other factors you should consider.

Product Quantity: Having decided on the total number of bulk medical gloves you need, you should check and double-check with the exam glove supplier to know the metric that will be used.

Product Quality: To ensure the high-performance of the gloves, they must be made with quality materials and industry-standard processes. Check the quality of each glove. This is more important for medical gloves bulk orders. Make inquiries about the quality testing processes used, the result of the test, as well as the company’s certifications.

Turnaround Time: Ask the supplier for the exact timeframe of your order production and delivery. Oftentimes, the service of logistics companies is employed for delivery. In a case like this, you should get the tracking details to know when your order arrives.

Supplementary Products: In addition to buying your wholesale medical gloves (Learn: Types Of Medical Gloves), all other medical supplies you use should be gotten from the same source. Kemei is a one-stop source for all your medical supplies, including medical gloves, medical gowns (Check: Medical Gowns Buying Guide), cotton medical products, plastic medical products, and medical electronics products.

Where Should You Buy Medical Gloves in Bulk?

Kemei Logo 1

Kemei has been a supplier of medical gloves since 1999. It would be wise to use us as your medical gloves provider because we offer nothing but the best. As one of the top 10 glove manufacturers in world, when producing our surgical gloves, we adhere to strict quality requirements, and these gloves are then subjected to inspection by reputable, independent groups. Since we’ve made it a priority to promote the growth of rubber trees, we have easy access to inexpensive raw resources. Furthermore, we can get your gloves to you quickly; standard orders go out the next day, while those with special packaging take between seven and twenty days to arrive.

How to Make Wholesale Medical Gloves Orders on Kemei

To place an order for medical gloves on Kemei, follow the instructions mentioned below. 

Select the medical gloves you wish to purchase and fill in a query for the same.

Once the query has been sent, you will receive a message from the supporting team representative within 24 hours. You can communicate all the details with the concerned representative.

After specifying the details, you will receive a price quotation wherein you can decide further and place the order.

Once your order has been confirmed, you will get an email from Kemei specifying the details of your order.

Factors When Buy Medical Gloves in Bulk

Described below are the factors you must consider when buying medical gloves in bulk (Relate: Ultimate Disposable Gloves Buying Guide) from any of the disposable medical gloves manufacturers on the market.

Firstly, be certain of the material you want to use. Medical gloves are commonly made from polymers like latex, vinyl, and nitrile. These gloves may be chlorinated, non-chlorinated, powder, or powder-free, making them easy and safe to wear.

Medical gloves related certificates and recognitions. Only buy from a disposable vinyl gloves factory that has earned recognitions and certifications from reputable quality standard organizations like FDA, 510(K), CE, TUV, EU, and SGS. Choose gloves that have qualities that pertain to your application.

Check the properties of the medical glove bulk, such as the thickness, tensile strength, length, shelf life, elongation, and chemical resistance. Other things you should check for are fitness, feel & dexterity, durability, and level of protection from contamination & infection.

Check the properties of the medical glove bulk, such as the thickness, tensile strength, length, shelf life, elongation, and chemical resistance. Other things you should check for are fitness, feel & dexterity, durability, and level of protection from contamination & infection.

Know the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) test result. Only choose a medical gloves supplier whose products have an AQL of 2.5 or less.

Only buy from a reputable medical gloves manufacturer. Choose a medical glove company that has quality control procedures in place.

Product Quantity: Having decided on the total number of bulk medical gloves you need, you should check and double-check with the exam glove supplier to know the metric that will be used.

Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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