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Medical Shoe Covers Supplier

Using the latest technology, we mass produce quality foot protection disposables with the strong protective surface needed to help reduce burdens for healthcare workers. Our logistics and thorough certification help our foot protection disposables to be delivered hassle-free to hospitals nationwide and to global regions

Wholesale Medical Shoe Cover from a Reliable Supplier

Kemei is a prominent medical shoe manufacturer and supplier in the PPE industry. We create high-quality disposable shoe covers that keep healthcare workers safe and reduce contamination in medical institutions. 


Medical shoe covers are required in laboratories, clean rooms, and emergency response sections with a high risk of cross-contamination.

Kemei manufactures OEM medical shoe covers, including disposable surgical shoe covers and medical boot covers that provide an excellent barrier between extraneous foreign matter and the clean medical environment.

Disposable Medical Shoe Covers

Disposable Medical Shoe Covers

Made with non-woven fabric, our medical shoe covers provide a protective film that keeps liquids from seeping into the garment, preventing contamination during medical operations.

  • S, M, L; 40cm×38cm×20cm, 40cm×35cm×20cm, 40cm×33cm×20cm.
  • Providing a barrier and protection for medical personnel in the work of contact with blood, body fluids, secretions of potentially infectious patients.
  • CE certification, National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.

OEM Medical Shoe Covers from KEMEI - The Medical Shoe
Covers Supplier

As a leading medical shoe covers supplier, Kemei supplies wholesale medical shoe covers that come in different protection levels, sizes, and materials depending on the users’ requirements. We offer a variety of sterile shoe covers that are fluid resistant and have an anti-skid feature on the bottom of the shoe cover to prevent slipping. For high-level protection, our impervious medical shoe covers, surgical boot cover, and knee-high boot covers adequately protect medical practitioners from fluid exposure.


In producing wholesale medical shoe covers, Kemei is committed to creating products that meet high-quality standards and satisfy users’ needs. This is achieved by passing the medical boot cover through a strict quality process.



We supply to an increasing customer base around the world, which include healthcare facilities, restaurants, art galleries, and museums, among others. As a progressive and diverse medical disposable manufacturing company, we also supply a variety of disposable medical gowns and other medical supplies.




Features and Benefits of China Medical Shoe Cover

Medical Shoe Covers

An OEM medical shoe cover from Kemei is manufactured to have the right features that offer the best benefits to the user. Some features and benefits include:

Why Medical Shoe Cover Manufacturers Choose Kemei

Kemei runs a reliable and efficient operation that assures nearly zero downtime and maximum output. As certified medical shoe cover manufacturers, our products protect medical professionals effectively.


Recognitions and Certifications

Our production process embodies our dedication to delivering safe and high-quality medical shoe covers for use in medical institutions. Kemei factory and products comply with FDA, CE, National Quality, and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System Standards.


Clean Room Production

Our team of experts works in a conducive production environment which consists of a QC unit, a laboratory, a 100,000-grade cleanroom, and a packaging plant. Our facilities are spread across a factory area of 200 acres.


High Productivity

As reliable medical shoe covers suppliers, Kemei caters efficiently to bulk orders using imported automatic demoulding production lines. We operate at an exceptional production level with an annual output of 3.96 billion pieces.

cost efficiency

Cost Efficiency

We achieve cost-effective options by sourcing our raw materials directly from our rubber tree forest, minimizing waste, and conserving energy.


Quick Response and Delivery

Our delivery process is fast and smooth. Neutrally packaged products are shipped the next day after production, while your customized package is shipped to you within 7-20 days because of the extra demands.

great customer services

Great Customer Service

We are a customer-oriented medical shoe covers supplier. Our free pre-sale and after-sale consultation services allow our experts to assist you. Also, we reply to your inquiries and questions within 12 hours.

How Certified Medical Shoe Covers Supplier Produces Medical Shoe

Recognized as a top medical glove manufacturer, Kemie uses the latest technology with the backing of an innovative and experienced team of experts to produce quality products.

As a medical shoe cover manufacturer, our quality control process and eco-friendly procedures help create firm protective surfaces that healthcare workers require.

Below is our manufacturing process.

Pick Raw Material

The first step in our process involves selecting environmentally sustainable raw materials. We use disposable rubber for production, and well-processed latex and nitrile materials give the flexibility and durability of our products.

OEM/ODM Product Development

Kemei employs over 400 employees in different departments, including research and design, product testing, manufacturing, and branding. These departments allow the company to function as ODM and OEM medical shoe cover suppliers.

High-Grade Automatic Production Lines

Using high-grade production lines, we manufacture bulk medical shoe covers for wholesale at optimized speed. Our medical booties and shoe covers undergo the processes of pre-leach, vulcanizing, and post-leach to remove unwanted residues.

Quality Management/Testing

Kemei is a wholesale medical shoe cover manufacturer committed to high-quality standards. Through stringent quality control involving 100% testing and inspection processes, we ensure our medical shoe covers conform to national and global requirements.

E.T.O Sterilization

After testing and inspection, the medical shoe covers are sterilized using our advanced sterilization plant. Validated to EN 550 Norms, our sterilization plants ensure the products last longer and maintain cleanliness while being stored.

Custom Packaging

Our products are assembled and packaged to carry the brand's details. While Kemei offers a variety of packaging solutions, the wholesale medical shoe covers can be packaged to fit the buyers’ requirements.

Things To Consider When Buying Bulk Medical Shoe Covers Wholesale

An OEM medical shoe cover prevents contamination from body fluids, blood, and other substances, but only when appropriately selected. Some factors influence the protective ability of medical shoe covers. These factors should be considered before buying medical shoe covers wholesale. Some of them are:

Type of Material: Common materials for manufacturing medical shoe covers are CPE, SBPP, PE, and CPE+PP. And some unique materials include SF, PVC, SMS, and PP+PE. While CPE (3.0-4.5g/pc) and SBPP are suitable for daily protection in hospitals, SF and SMS (50-60gsm) effectively protect against infectious diseases. Choose materials based on their intended application.

Product Quality Assurance and Compliance: The quality of the medical shoe cover indicates its ability to prevent contamination. Assess the medical shoe covers supplier by checking the raw materials and processes involved in their production. Also, check for compliance with recognized quality standards, such as FDA and CE.

Delivery Timeframe: Confirm the specified time taken for the delivery of OEM medical shoe covers. If the supplier uses a third-party courier service, you can track your bulk order by requesting the tracking details.

Supplementary Products: When buying medical shoe covers, it is recommended that you buy your other medical supplies, such as wholesale disposable medical gowns and medical coveralls, from the same manufacturer. This develops a consistent quality standard in your products and makes your purchase more convenient.

How to Make Medical Shoe Cover Bulk Orders On Kemei

At Kemei, we make your bulk order quick and smooth. Our easy four-step buying process makes your wholesale medical shoe cover order hassle-free.

Step 1: Make a Query

The Kemei medical shoe cover page contains the necessary information you need to make a purchase. These details include the material used, quality standard, size, color, application, and more.

After selecting a medical shoe cover, the next step is to fill out a query form. Our query forms are straightforward and enable us to reply quickly to any number of forms you fill. Query forms are available on each product page, so you can easily place your order.

If you have any further questions or you need more information on a product, you can head to our contact page and fill out the query form. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to provide more solutions.

Step 2: Talk to Us

After you submit a query, a Kemei representative will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your bulk medical shoe cover request. 


If you still have reservations about your order, you can explain to our representative the different specifications and special considerations you need. Our experts can guide and assist you in making any decisions.


However, if you are sure about your order, you only have to confirm the specifications and other details. Our representative will then give you a price quote based on your choice.

Step 3: Confirm Your Order

After deciding on the specifications, confirm your order at Kemei. You will receive a confirmation email with the specifics of your purchase order, including quantity, price, purchase processing time, and payment information.

Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Wait for Your Order to be Delivered

After confirming your order, your job is done, and our team will handle the rest. The production team will begin work on your wholesale medical shoe cover order. 


After we process and package your order, we will ship it through our trusted couriers, and you will get them within the specified time.

Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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