Face Protection Disposables

Face Protection Disposables Manufacturer

Through our 100,000 class clean workshop, we manufacture face protection disposables that remain clean and free from contaminants. Due to high demand, we maintain constant productivity in our production lines, delivering thousands of consumables for hospitals to readily use.

Face Masks

Face Masks

Constructed to fit well and comfortably, our face masks are elastic for easy wearing and come with a durable, leak-proof design.

  • Ear-loop type and bandage type. 155mm×130mm, 170mm×170mm, 175mm×155mm, and 190mm×130mm sizes.
  • Used for invasive operation by clinical medical staff to prevent the spread of body fluids from reaching patients undergoing treatment.
Medical Goggles

Medical Goggles

Protecting eyes from body fluid or blood splashes, our medical goggles help retain clear vision during operations while absorbing stains.

  • KE001, KE002, KE003 models.
  • Protects during inspection and treatment in medical institutions by covering eyes from blood and fluid splatters.
Face Shields

Face Shields

Durable and clear to see through, our face shields reduce transmissions by protecting healthcare professionals’ full faces from body fluid splashes as they carry out any procedure.

  • 320×220mm, 320×250mm, and 320×270mm.
  • To protect medical personnel during inspections and treatment to block incoming body fluids or splashing.

Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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