Trusted Wholesale Latex Gloves Manufacturer in China

Kemei specializes in surgical gloves, nitrile examination gloves, latex examination gloves, and other essential medical supplies. We emphasize the quality and sterilization of our medical gloves through the wholes process.

Your Trusted Source for Premium
Latex Medical Gloves

With more than two decades of manufacturing excellent medical supplies, Kemei is your go-to source for durable and affordable medical protection products.

Automated Medical Supply Production

Streamlined production of medical gloves with minimum errors

Unparalleled Medical Gloves Quality

Strict QC system to ensure safe, comfortable, and protective gloves.

Dependable and Complete Services

From professional consultation to aftersales service, we put your business ahead.

Decades of Experience

Dependable medical gloves supplier since 1999.

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Our Support team will answer your inquiries within 12 hours. 

    Explore Our Diversified Latex Gloves

    Our latex gloves are made from quality natural rubber latex that are processed in our advanced machinery 

    to be easy and comfortable for healthcare staff to use.

    Latex Surgical Gloves

    Made with natural rubber, our surgical gloves adopt an ergonomic design that guarantees the right fit and comfort while wearing. Each glove is sterilized by ethylene oxide, keeping it safe and purified before use.

    Latex Examination Gloves

    Convenient and comfortable on the hand, our examination gloves are perfect for protecting the hands while performing medical duties. Made with premium rubber material and sterilized for the user’s safety.

    Doctors hands in exam gloves
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    Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

    • Sterile powdered textured; XS, S, M, L.
    • For conducting medical examinations and protecting healthcare staff.
    • CE certification, National Quality Standards and ISO 13485:2016
    Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

    Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves

    • Powdered and powder-free. Sizes include XS, S, M, and L.
    • For examinations and protection of medical personnel
    medical gloves

    Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves

    • Powdered and powder-free.Sizes include 6#, 6.5#, 7#, 7.5#, and 8#.
    • For preventing cross-infection between patients and medical personnel during surgical operations.

    OEM in Kemei – Medical Gloves Manufacturer in China

    Kemei is a medical glove manufacturer, supplier, and factory that provides OEM medical gloves products & services. We are a one-stop medical glove company that’s capable of tailor-fitting gloves to your exact specifications and packaging them to have your brand information. Below are a few of the numerous custom medical gloves services we can provide you.

    medical glove

    Custom Material

    Different materials like latex, nitrile, and vinyl can provide optimal comfort.

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    Custom Packaging

    We can help package your medical gloves under your brand’s name and logo.

    KEMEI medical gloves

    Custom Length

    Your medical gloves can be customized to take any dimension.

    Sterile or Non sterile

    Sterile or Non-sterile; Powder-free or Powder

    Sterile/non-sterile, powder-free/powder are available.

    What Our Products Offer Your Market

    High Flexibility

    Premium rubber material allows for complete use of hands during operations.

    Superior Comfort

    Precision demolding process guarantees tight fit without irritating the hands.

    Excellent Barrier Protection

    Durable material keeps hands protected from unwanted and hazardous elements.

    High Tensile Strength

    Capable of stretching without snapping or breaking.

    Elevate Your Brand with Kemei

    Leader in Glove Manufacturing

    Our facility has the latest equipment for fast and efficient production. We meet your significant volume demands quicker and better than our peers.

    Medical-Grade Gloves

    Adhering to established standards like maintaining a 100,000-level purification workshop and carefully selecting non-hazardous materials, we ensure our gloves are ideal for medical use.

    Continuous Product Development

    Always at the forefront of glove manufacturing, we push the envelope by adopting modern and practical solutions to create our medical gloves and adopt cutting-edge technology.

    Consistent Quality

    Kemei prides itself on our dedication to quality. Applying strict guidelines throughout the production process, we maintain the quality our brand has been known for.

    Professional Team

    Experts in their field, our professional production team takes every step to ensure the precision production of your medical gloves.

    OEM & ODM Service

    We provide exceptional product solutions to help you build a better brand. Placing your logo on the packaging of our quality products stamps your brand to your market.

    Our Vast Overseas Exportation With Abundant Experience













    New Zealand







    Vast Overseas Exportation

    Developing High-Value Service for You

    When you work with Kemei as your medical supply provider, it’s more than your usual sourcing transaction. We act as your business partners, developing cutting-edge medical protection products for your brand’s improvement.

    Product Development

    Utilizing the best materials and modern production equipment, we constantly push the envelope in developing next-level medical supplies to the market.

    Latex Farming

    We practice deep research to develop the ideal type of rubber trees to source the latex material used on our medical gloves.

    Strict Quality Control

    Intensive quality control protocols guarantee the premium quality of our medical gloves and other medical protection products.

    After-sales Service

    By listening to the demands of various healthcare workers across the globe, we continue to serve thousands of healthcare institutions and bring solutions to efficiently address requirements.

    Exceptional Manufacturing and QC Capability

    certifications icons

    Set to meet the rising global demand for protective medical supplies, Kemei has continued to upgrade our manufacturing facility. We’ve secured numerous state-of-the-art machines for fast and efficient production.

    Apart from the equipment, we gained certifications from multiple inspection bodies and applied their standards in our production process. This guarantees that only world-class medical supplies leave our facility.

    Hear What Our Clients Say

    The number of patients overwhelmed everyone during the middle of 2020 and we were ill-prepared for the pandemic. Thankfully, Kemei answered our call for large quantities of nitrile gloves, face masks, protective coveralls, and other medical gear.
    With a limited budget and the rising prices of medical supplies, we were hard-pressed at finding a company that can fulfill our requirements. Thankfully, Kemei can come through with their economical solutions on latex gloves and medical gowns.
    We choose Lumigy for a number of reasons but mainly because Lumigy listens to technical feedback from installers. The service we received on this project, from the proposed lighting design to technical advice, was excellent. The Garden lights have been installed for over 7 months now and the client is very happy with the cost savings as well as the quality of light in the warehouse.
    We choose Lumigy for a number of reasons but mainly because Lumigy listens to technical feedback from installers. The service we received on this project, from the proposed lighting design to technical advice, was excellent. The Garden lights have been installed for over 7 months now and the client is very happy with the cost savings as well as the quality of light in the warehouse.

    Source your medical supplies from an industry leader that knows exactly what your market needs.

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